Date Style - Floral Print Shirt Dress

Of late, I'm constantly looking for outfits that can be worn now and later after delivery, plus with front button-up or zipper, so I can nurse with it as well! 

Shirt dresses fits the bill perfectly and I found one in linen that's so comfortable for the summers as well! I loved the color and the floral print on it. The best part - it comes with a draw string waist, so with my now gigantic waist and the later reduced waist, this still wouldn't look shapeless!
Floral Print Shirt Dress: c/o Zaful
Mirror Sunglasses: c/o Zaful
Stockings: Primark
Beige Chelsea Boots: Primark
Earrings: Thrifted from a flea market in Chennai
Crystal Necklace & Bracelet: Nadia Minkoff (same as worn here)
Golden Bracelet: Thrifted from a flea market in Chennai
I loved the quality of the print on the dress! Its not digital print, but it has a beautiful watercolor effect! The color combo of green leaves and offwhite/purple flowers on grey background is very pleasing!!! 
To pair with the offwhite/purple flowers, I chose the purple leggings and off-white shoes. To pair with the green leaves, I chose the green crystal Nadia Minkoff earrings & bracelet! I couldn't find the exact matching earrings and the hunt is still on.....

The location is the Groot Begijnhof in Leuven, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Read more about Leuven on My Travelogue. Btw, Zaful has also been generous to give my readers a 10% off!!! Use the coupon code ZFIGPTMODA6 to avail it!

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  1. Congratulations!!! you look fantastic! such exciting news x Nadia

  2. I love your floral dress! Babe, when is your due? This will be a glorious change to your fabulous life :)

  3. I really love the print on the dress. I have been on the lookout for watercolour print tops for many years now but I am yet to find one

  4. I love your style! great glasses by the way.

  5. You are positively glowing! Hope you have a smooth pregnancy; and congratulations :)

  6. Love the sunglasses, the shape suits you. The shirt dress is beautiful, and the color has a calming effect. You look vibrant. Congratulations and I hope you have an easy pregnancy.

  7. From all season outfit to preggy and now to after-giving birth seems you wear them perfectly. That is my personal observation. Not all model has the feel of what they are wearing for a model.

  8. I'm typically not a fan of floral print or even shirt dresses. BUT you make this one look absolutely amazing!! I especially love the leggings you have decided to pair with it. Great post!

  9. What a lovely dress. Flower tee dresses have been everywhere lately. I really like your outfit! so on point

  10. that dress is beautiful! I'm surprised at how well the stocking goes well with it!

  11. We know you can rock the flower print blouse, now we know you can rock it even as a pregnancy blouse. The red pants complements the blouse very well.

  12. You are blooming in your pregnancy. The floral print really looks refreshing. You've also been through a lot of UNESCO sites.


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