Bumberry Cloth Diapers - A Review

Cloth diapering has been the tradition of India since time immemorial! My granny used them on my mom and my mom used them on me! Just that, today with the comfort factor and time factor coming in, esp., for working moms, the old styled diaper (which is being called langot diapers today, which has to be changed after every wetting!), doesn't help anymore. The awesomeness of the varieties of styles & fabrics of the modern cloth diapers have to be used to be believed! 
Especially for my lovely readers from India (they do international shipping as well), here's a brand called Bumberry. They provide with 3 options for their customers - newborn diapers, diaper covers & pocket diapers. Most of their designs are available in all 3 variations and my favourite was this denim print! Well, my Atyu & I match!!! 
Brand Site & Shop: Bumberry
Also available at Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry

Let me begin with the pocket diapers - this is sheer, pure magic! This has an outer layer coated with PUL, and a inner layer made of microfleece. At the back is the elastic and pocket opening. The inserts have to be stuffed into this pocket. Once done, this just goes on & on for 5-6 hours, feeling absolutely dry on baby's bum! I mean, this is the best cloth diaper I've used so far! The recommendation is to change by 4-6 hrs and I opened it up by 4 hrs and it felt totally dry on the skin! Once I did forget and let it for about 6 hrs and it still did good! 

Nowadays I change it at about 5 hrs (7AM, 12 Noon, 5PM to 10PM). I've still not started using cloth diapers overnight but soon I'm gonna try with this one and I have no doubts that it will work! The insert is the very absorbent microfiber and once inserted, its as good as an AIO. This may not be suitable till about 2 months when the baby poops a lot, but after that, this is the one to go. They recommend this from 6 months, but I'd say 2 months and just chill!
The diaper covers are SIO type diapers. The inserts are the same size as Pocket diaper inserts with an additional microfleece lining atop and snap buttons behind. This too is almost as good as pocket diapers, plus, it can be reused by just changing the insert till the cover itself gets wet or soiled. 
The newborn diaper covers are similar to regular diaper covers but without the SIO feature. This has sockets on either sides to keep the insert in place. This can come with either Bamboo insert or microfiber microfleece insert. Well, as the name says, its for newborn who have / may have high skin sensitivity to artificial fibers, so the bamboo! However, the wetness can be felt in the bamboo and ideally it has to be changed every 2-3 hrs. For my gal though, this wetness is uncomfortable and I use it as a booster under the microfiber insert and its awesome!
Bumberry comes with a starters kit with one diaper cover and one pocket diaper to try out which is suitable for your needs before buying your stash! I'd say its the perfect answer for babyshower gifting ideas! Their recommendation is 4 diaper covers, 8 extra inserts and 6 pocket diapers to cover all diapering needs from birth to potty training (that's almost doing laundry once in 2-3 days). 

P.S: The products were gifted by the brand for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. These are all so cute! I've been nervous about making the switch to cloth diapers, partly because I was concerned that they would need to be changed more often, but it looks like these hold up better than my top-shelf disposables! And I bet they're a lot more gentle on baby-buns, too. :-P

  2. These are adorable. I was a cloth diaper baby as I had super sensitive skin as a baby, but my mom would tell me how hard they were to use. I wish I would have done more research as these are cute and easy to use with the snaps.

  3. The idea of cloth diapers scare me but these look so cute and easy to use! My children are grown now but I would be tempted to switch if I had my time again :)

  4. I love how cute cloth diapers can be. I may have to consider cloth diapering when we have baby number two!

  5. I've never heard of this brand! We cloth diapered my first through potty training but didn't continue with our second. We really loved it and I was a big fan of covers. Saved so much money!

  6. These are adorable! I love the bright circles one!!

  7. Those are lovely and colorfu! And your photos are adorable.

  8. I used some cloth diapers 31 years ago but sure wish there had been these cute ones. And I think, I should have made them back then.

  9. These diapers looks cute! I'll save this for future use, i don't need it yet :)
    But perfect gift for baby showers.


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