Styling with Atyu - Colorful Christmas Scenes!

Remember my last post on Christmas in Brussels with Atyudarini??? Well, as I said earlier, Brussels had come up this year with this awesome setup called #BrusselsLights where several key places have been decorated with exotic light setup. 

I was roaming about enjoying the Christmas Vibe of the city and managed to click some shots at Christmas Tree at Sablon Notre Dame Cathedral and the Maze installation at Place de la Chapelle. 

Dress: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Bangalore
Stockings & Beige Chelsea Boots: Primark
Red Ruffled Jacket: Rose Wholesale
Asymmetric Earrings: From a local store in Chennai
SSC Baby Carrier: c/o Soulslings

Well, over to the most important feature in this outfit - the babycarrier. Its the Neon Anoona by Soul Slings! Its an Indian brand based in Bengaluru aka Bangalore. They produce all types of babywearing including Soft Structured Carriers (SSC), Ring Slings, Meh Dais, Onbuhimo, Wraps etc. One of their recent innovation - a SSC called Anoona, a term which means 'the one without flaws'! Well, when your carrier can help you carry from you little one from birth to toddler-hood, with an adjustable body panel height & width, and included neck support for infants AND 5 different carry options its pretty much an apt name and an one-time investment that's totally worth it! The waist belt has a small pouch that I use to keep her pacifier! Unlike a ringsling, the weight is distributed among both shoulders and unlike a wrap, I don't have 5m of fabric to deal with! This is just so damn easy and comfortable! 
The fabrics vary from linen to Jacquards, ikats, stripes & solids in cotton. The SSCs are priced between €66 to €138 (₹3750 to ₹8850). The packaging definitely needs a mention. They come in a cotton, open weave (low EPI PPI in textile terminology!), drawstring muslin bag. Guess what I use it for now? - as a laundry net for the PUL coated baby diaper covers in washing machine! 

When it arrived, its Neon colors were the perfect break needed to cheer up the dull winters! Add some Red Jacket and asymmetric statement earrings (errrmmm... well, the pair of both these earrings broke!) to the look and I was all dressed to explore #plaisirsdhiver!

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  1. Love your style and the baby carrier is fabulous! Looking good mama!

  2. Never seen someone so fashionable while carrying a baby! Love the baby carrier! Finding the right one really is key to surviving traveling with a baby!

  3. I seriously love your photos! SO much personality and fun! If my boys were still young I would snap up that carrier in a second.

  4. The light festivals are popular these days. We have one in Helsinki, where I live. Lovely to see one in Brussels.

  5. I always enjoy your photos gives positive vibe and very informative. Finally I got a glimpse of your little angel!

  6. I have been away from blogging for a while so I may not have had the chance to congratulate you on becoming a mother yet. Many congrats, I wish you all the best. Your baby is adorable. This baby carrier seems quite practical.

    I have never been in Brussels but it's lovely to see your photos.

  7. Looks like a great baby carrier :) My daughter is 1,5 years old and I still use the carrier every now and then!

  8. I really love your style and with your baby carrier. I like the shots on the Christmas Tree at Sablon Notre Dame Cathedral.

  9. It is so nice to see how you incorporate fashion while carrying your baby. I never thought about that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The two of you are such an adorable pair! Love the colors and patterns you chose!

  11. Yay for baby wearing! I love the color and I love the style. And what a little cutie!

  12. I love all the bright colors!! A baby carrier is one of my favorite accessories!

  13. Baby carriers are a lifesaver! I love the pop of color yours has! Awesome photos!

  14. Love the carrier and I miss Brussels so much. It was a regular visiting spot for me when my aunty lived there. I love the cinching feature you had on the carrier for the baby.


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