Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers - A Review

Cloth Diapering experiments continue and this time with Charlie Banana. They've come up with this innovation called Hybrid AIO diaper and its their patented design and I was intrigued! 
Charlie Banana comes either as singles, 3pc or 6pc packs. I got this 3pc set called Artist Pack with designs called Picasso & Kaleidoscope! Yeah, the art history major in me, wouldn't think of any other design, when a set is named so!
The diapers are a mix of pocket diaper and diaper cover in the same thing. The outer layer is PUL coated polyester and the inner layer is microfleece. It has a flap socket as well as a pocket! So I could stuff in an insert like a pocket diaper or just place it below the flap like a diaper cover or use both at the same time for increased absorption.... or stuff in the insert and add a liner atop.... its your call and that's why its hybrid.

Another innovation if the height adjuster. Common way to adjust height in onesize diapers is with buttons. But this one doesn't have any! Reason - peek into the pocket and there are elastic bra straps on either sides! Unlike regular way of stitching & fixing the elastics of leg gussets, here the elastic is inserted in a band and is adjustable with a bra strap like option. That's a fool-proof way to contain the diaper from any leaks and it totally works and I totally love it!!! 
Each diaper comes with 2 inserts (so the pack has 6 inserts - 3 S & 3 M/L). They have a microfleece layer atop making it a dry-feel insert. Even then, being a fan of pocket diapers, I prefer stuffing the insert in the pocket. The absorbency is awesome and the longest I've left it is for 5 hours with just 1 insert and it stayed dry even then! I've still not started using cloth diapers overnight, but I'm planning to try with this one with 2 inserts (one stuffed and one atop). Ofcourse, unlike a traditional AIO, since this comes out in 2 pieces, drying it indoor in Brussels winter (snowing at -1°C) is possible and dries completely in 24hrs!
P.S: The products were gifted by the brand for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Those diapers are cute, and they look so comfy. Cloth diapers have come such a far way and have so many nice features now. I haven't heard of Charlie Banana but it sounds like a great choice for cloth diapering.

  2. these are adorable and def super cute! ill def have to look into them!

  3. These are definitely super adorable! I never used cloth diapers, but these are super cute

  4. Super Adorable diapers,I've should've used cloth diapers : ( . Awesome Read, thanks! -Kanani B

  5. This diaper looks cute! I might consider this when i have someone needing diapers at home. :)

  6. These are so cute, I wished I had used cloth ones for my babies! I really like the cute designs.

  7. The cloth diapers design are so stylish.. Nice... First time heard of this brand.. BUt it really looks great..

  8. The inserts sound convenient and the microfiber sounds super comfy! If baby's gotta wear diapers, they may as well be cute, too :)

  9. Wow, I have just heard about this one and seemed to be really interesting. I love the design and the comfort that it brings to the baby. Your review says it all. I will recommend this to my friends as well for their baby, they will surely love it.


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