Styling with Atyu - Newspaper Print & Owl Print!

I've always loved newspaper print, but somehow I still haven't owned a proper outfit in the print. The only one I have is a pair of lounge shorts. Recently I found a cloth diaper brand called Ecopipo which had newspaper print & I obviously got it!
We again matched with our white tops, newspaper print bottoms & yellow socks and that's our perfect outfit for lounging around on a Sunday evening while Atyu's daddy graciously clicked these pics! 

My white tee: Hangten
Atyu's white tee: H&M
My shorts: Thrifted from a flea market in Chennai
Atyu's newspaper print diapers: c/o Ecopipo UK
My yellow socks: Primark
Atyu's yellow socks: RC Royal Class
Owl print Tee: First Kids Step
Owl print diaper: c/o Ecopipo UK
Owl crib bumper: La Millou
On the other hand, Atyu is really really fond of owls! Ever since we got the owl print bumpers for her crib, she's literally been 'talking' to those owls! I take it that she might become an ornithologist when she's older! So yeah, I got her an owl print tee and when I spotted the Owl print diaper, I got that too! Btw, if your grand-daughter loves owls so much, what would you do? That's a little DIY of an owl that my mom made with an empty milk carton!!! How's it?

So, these 2 nappies that I got from Ecopipo are made in Mexico. Both are pocket nappies with the inner fabric is microfleece that keeps the moisture away and outer fabric is PUL coated waterproof fabric. There are 2 elastic leg gussets that totally keep all the poop inside! This is the first nappy that I'm using that has a velcro closure and I was so unsure of it, but its pretty much as good as the snap closure! The insert is just awesome! Its about 3ft long with 2ft bamboo velour and 1ft microfiber and that holds so much in it! Totally good for about 5 hrs!!! I guess with the bamboo booster, it would work out as an overnight diapering solution! The best part, Ecopipo offers 2yrs guarantee for PUL coating, snaps, velcro and elastic!

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  1. Oh these are absolutely adorable! The insert sounds amazing, and I love the newspaper print!

  2. Oh my, these are so adorable! I love ht newspaper print one, I've never seen a diaper like that before!

  3. omg! my sister would love these for my nieces. passing it to her now. Thanks!

  4. My favorite is the owl print! Gorgeous!

  5. I love matching outfits. How adorable. My favorite is the newspaper print. What a lucky grand-daughter.

  6. I think that the daughter is growing up to be as quirky as her mother :D


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