Styling with Atyu - FWCC Babywearing with Mom's Saree!

While exploring the various ways to wear my newborn, apart from ringsling, another major way was wrapping the baby. While looking at the various ways to wrap a baby, the most common seemed to be Front Wrap Cross Carry or FWCC. This required about 5m of fabric and the first thing that came to my mind was my mom's saree! A saree is one of the traditional Indian outfits which is a length of fabric of about 5.5m. 

I took one of mom's old saree. I esp., loved the quirky worli style print on it, though the pink base has majorly faded. Yes, she's very comfortable in the FWCC and she gets snug and cozy and sleeps off, as in ringsling. But if she feels hot and starts crying, it gets very difficult to handle the 5m of fabric and get her out of it quickly, esp in public places!!! Though I do use the wrap, I use it only when the entire duration between out of home to back is less than 2 hrs!

Shirt: Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan
Leggings: Chennai Silks
Boots: From a thrift store in Brussels
Earrings: Naidu Hall
Hairband: Irresistible Me (same as worn here)
Babywearing (Hand blockprinted saree): Handcrafted by artisans of Madhya Pradesh
On Atyudarini: Bear onesie from H&M
Have you tried to wear your baby? What type of baby wearing is your favourite? Do you have a favourite way to wrap your baby? Let me know!

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  1. It's so cool when parents carry babies everywhere. Many of my friends are stuck in home with babies.

  2. You are one of those cute Mommas who can style your baby with you! Love your ootds!

  3. Wow so much creativity with Sari! I knew it could be put to other uses too. Lovely pics Bhu! <3 :)


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