SleepyHead Deluxe Plus Pod - A Review

Any new mom would know the value of sleep! Right now its almost midnight and my gal is fast asleep with her dad and I'm blogging! My sleep??? Good joke!!!!! Want a better joke? That would be Atyu, waking up with a cry, now..... Well, any new mom would understand the sarcasm in this.
Well, we are co-sleepers (before you judge or advise, read my post on co-sleeping here). So my gal snuggles up well onto us at night and sleeps off. Those daytime naps? That's where the problem is. I can't put her on the bed and be in the living room, coz she might roll off. Putting her on the living room sofa is not safe as well as she could easily roll off. Putting her in the cradle is a decent option. Still the biggest trouble in all these cases - she's sleeping alone and when she turns to touch me, I'm not there and she wakes up the next moment! 

That's exactly where Sleepyhead comes into the picture. The side wading gives her the necessary emotional support and she puts her hand around it and continues to sleep!!! Happy meeee..... The brand does say that the Sleepyhead is not for unsupervised sleeping. I use it for her daytime naps when I'm around trying to work or do some chores. 
Basically its just a flat bed with a wading on all sides. Its the simplest of ideas that makes a lot of sense!!! Its one of those things when you think 'why didn't anyone think of this earlier'! It comes with its own changeable fabric cover. There are quite a few designs of the cover. These are called Carrara Marble and Lush & Fern, both from the Fairy Tale Collection. There is also a Mrs Mighetto Collection apart from the regular designs.

When she wakes up, it also serves as a tiny gym with its own arch and toys hanging form it. These toys have the crinkly paper in it that makes it a bit more interesting to reach out to and squeeze. Should I mention that she always reached for the owl? If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'd know that! 
This Deluxe pod is meant to be used until 8 months of age. I might be able to use it, though I'm not sure. My gal is petite and belongs to 13% growth and this is how she fits in 4 months. If you'e baby belongs to a 75% growth percentile, he/she might outgrow this before 8 months. However there is a 'Grand Pod' which is bigger in size, which is meant for 8-36 months of age. There is a separate On the Go bag, however this is unnecessary as the actual packaging of the pod by itself is a carry along bag. 
P.S: The products were gifted by the brand for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. it looks amazing. It looks comfortable for the baby. Our little one also had something similar - from a local brand though.

  2. This may seemed to look like just a flat bed with a wading on all sides.But I guess, it has serve its purpose, to give comfort to the babies lying on it. I truly love the design as well and the total look. I love your well written review, it is very detailed and informative. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. The Deluxe Pod sounds like a great product. My baby co-sleeps with us and I think I might need one of these. Is this available in Italy?

  4. She looks so comfy in that!We don't do co-sleep (not against it, just not for us) but this still looks like a great product for during the day or just hanging in our bed at night watching tv.

  5. All my babies have been like that. I had to be within reach or they’d be awake. We had something similar except my 1st 3 were HUGE boys that outgrew it also. My last was a tiny 1lb baby so, EVERYTHING lasts longer. Good luck momma. Mine had to nap in the carrier (baby wearing) if I wanted to get anything done. Lol.

  6. What a lovely idea for a little one, the pod looks so comfy and stylish too. I like how it turns into a play station too.

  7. Good for you in choosing how to sleep with baby, regardless of other styles of baby sleep 😴 The co sleeper looks so cozy!

  8. This reminds me of the Dockatot. My newborn sleeps amazingly well in his.

  9. wow wish I had had something like this when my daughter was an infant. such a simple but fabulous idea.

  10. This is adorable. I would definitely use it if my babies were still small.


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