Tiktaks Cloth Sanitary Pads & Makeup Wipes - A Review

While speaking to Tamari, the lady behind Tiktaks cloth pads in Belgium, I suddenly realized that, ever since I've moved to Belgium, I haven't reviewed even 1 Belgian brand. All local reviews have been Netherlands, Sweden, UK etc but not Belgium!!! Anyways, over to Tamari's creations....

Her primary product range are the cloth pads! She also makes makeup wipes and clothing. Remember my 'Ultraviolet' post? The lovely purple & pink bottoms that my Atyu is wearing in that post is by Tamari. She makes these cute pants called 'Big Butt Pants' with low crotch-line to fit in cloth diapers. They are made of knitted fabric with fleece within that makes is perfectly cozy for the winters. 
The other product that I totally love is her makeup wipes. The shape is similar to a nursing pad but is much thinner with just 2 layers of organic cotton sherpa. The feel is kinda similar to fleece but 100% cotton. Anyways does it work? Does it? It works like magic! I used my MAC concealer & foundation and Maybelline Colossal Kajal on my face and used this to wipe it off after a couple hours using my good old, trusty Holy Grail Oil.... Everything came off in just a couple wipes! Don't believe me? Run the video and watch it unfold before your eyes....
Finally here's her main product range - the cloth pads & pantyliners. She makes 2 types - Jersey and Minky, all in young, regular and heavy. All have either Jersey or Minky atop and Fleece beneath. The core is 1 layer of bamboo flannel for pantyliners, 1 layer of zorb for young, 1 layer of bamboo terry or fleece for regular, and a layer of both for heavy! They all come in various lengths from 7" to 13".
So how does it par? Well, the minky pads are just too good. Minky is same as plush or a heavier version of fleece. Yes, they are pretty thick when compared to ultra disposables, so you can't actually forget that you're on your periods. That said, its not even near uncomfortable. The minky is so nice & fuzzy against the skin plus it feels almost dry. Comes with 2 buttons so, a very slim fit is possible and doesn't move at all. The thickness of the heavy version is comparable to postpartum disposables. One here is 11" and another is 9". If you have a heavy flow, say hello to your best friend!!! The 9" starts feeling a bit wet by 6hrs and the 11" by 8hrs on a heavy flow day. It spreads well and doesn't leak thru either on the wings or back. The texture of the fleece back holds on to the underwear fabric really well and doesn't move at all. 
The regular 9" Jersey pad is pretty good for the moderate flow days. Surprisingly when compared to the minky pads, I could feel less wetness in this! It withheld well for a full 5 hrs. The pantyliner is very very thin that you could forget you're wearing it. Suitable for those tail last days, just to protect your underwear from staining.
P.S: The products were gifted by the brand for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I've always used disposable makeup wipes and pads, but Tiktaks is a much better option for the environment. I should try these out. The sanitary pad designs are too cute!

  2. This definitely seems like a great way to save a lot of money!

  3. I’ve been looking into the mama pads! Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Very interesting products! I've been interested in trying the cup, but the pads sound great too.

  5. Thanks for sharing this review! I have heard about cloth pads, but never knew how they actually were. I would love to get some cloth wipes!

  6. These are so cute cloth pads, very summery colors! And cost effective, eco-friendly :)

  7. These seem like absolutely amazing products, I wish they would be available in India too, loved the sanitary pads design wise and also the way you explained their organic make


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