Styling with Atyu - Birthday edition (+ Giveaway)

This month is going to be special - its my birthday plus Atyudarini's half birthday!!! And obviously that calls for a celebration. A celebration as a blogger would definitely mean a giveaway!!! Yippee!!! Read on to know what you'd win..... 

The weather here is still a bit cold and Atyu definitely like to snuggle as we travel. This wrap top is from my own line. Wrap tops and wrap dresses are such a gift for me right now with breastfeeding. This is made of handpainted Kalamkari and natural dyed Khadi fabrics. I've matched it here with my good old red jeggings. But let's leave all that - over to the more important matters - my Atyu! I'm wearing her in a Sangria Full Buckle Baby Carrier made of Red Jacquard fabric. This is by Cookiie Pie Co from their Yoga range. 

Kalamkari Wrap Top: Bhushavali Eco Fashions
Red Jeggings: Primark
Headband: Irresistible Me
Earrings: Received as gift
Nursing necklace: Cherub Chews
Bangles: Slingrings
Baby Carrier: c/o Cookiie Pie Co
Drool Pad for Baby Carrier: c/o Cookiie Pie Co
This range is Cookiie's specialty range of full buckle baby carriers that fits from newborn to toddlers. The width of the body panel is adjustable at the waist with velcro to fit ergonomically from newborn to toddler. The mini-fyer, a unique feature of Cookiie Carriers is a small adjuster at the base of the body panel to make it slightly smaller to make it perfectly comfortable for the baby to sit. The hood is large but not removable. The fabric is a jacquard cotton fabric with a gorgeous pattern. The padding both at shoulders & waist is really really thick! The only thing I missed in this, is a pocket somewhere! Just for those pacifiers or ear plugs, a small pocket would have been perfect. While the other ranges of their carriers do have a pocket & detachable hood, its absent in Yoga range. Carrying in 5 different ways (newborn, front, back, hip, forward facing) is all possible with the Yoga Carrier making it a must buy. Its just worth it, as it would last from birth to as long as the kid wants to be carried! The drool pad is so damn necessary for me, coz without it Atyu would just chomp off the carrier itself! 
But actually, none of these are the main reason to buy Cookiie Carriers. The main reason is....... - look at that logo! Just look at that logo!!!! How adorable is that? Do you need a better reason than this to opt for Cookiie????? But then, why buy if you may just win one for yourself! 
In this awesome occasion of Atyu's half birthday and my birthday, one of my lovely reader is going to get a premium cotton ringsling of their choiceIts a rafflecopter giveaway and if you're on FB you can participate and if you're on Insta too you could increase your chances of winning. Enter and keep your fingers crossed. Here's why you should enter this giveaway even if you're not a new/upcoming mommy - if you win, this would be the best babyshower gift or for any of your new mommy friends!

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  1. Being a mom of two under two I totally understand the need of having baby carriers. Also that I am expecting a third on this year, I would love to grab this ringsling from cookiie baby carriers. And after reading your review about their using natural fibres and dyes for colouring, who wouldn't fall for them. ������

  2. Love to be a part of this family, grt love for this...����my son is 12 months,ur review about this cookiie baby carrier make me happy and trust...these r natural products...hope to win this...New to this baby wearing world


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