Styling with Atyu - Nursing Necklace & more!

If you've been following My Travelogue, you may know that I recently visited Bruges and this is what I wore on Day 1 of my trip. This is the same outfit as I'm wearing here during pregnancy. As I've mentioned earlier in this blog, during pregnancy, I was hoarding on outfits that not only looked good with the bump but also proved functional for nursing after delivery. So here comes the 'after' version.

This time I wore it with much simpler jewelry. Of late, I haven't been wearing danglers, coz if Atyudarini pulls them, my ears would be a gone case! And last time it was much warmer unlike this time and I'm wearing a jacket. And unlike last time, now there's absolutely no makeup on my face! Makeup has taken a big time backseat with Atyu consuming all my time & energy...

Khadi Sequinned Shirtdress: Bhushavali 
Stockings & Beige Chelsea Boots: Primark
Nursing Necklace & Teething Ring: c/o Cherub Chews
Earrings: Thrifted from a flea market in Chennai
Crystal Necklace & Bracelet: Nadia Minkoff (same as worn here)
Baby wearing: Soul Slings Anoona in Neon (same as worn here)

Over to the Atyu special stuff in the outfit. I'm wearing her in the Soul Slings Anoona Full Buckle carrier. Apart from my dainty necklace, I'm also wearing a chunky nursing necklace and the baby carrier has a teething ring clipped to it. These are from Cherub Chews, a UK based brand of the lovely lady Emma. I wore it exactly for the same reason as why she began Cherub Chews...... 

When Atyu was feeding, I needed something to keep her busy, else her concentration would go elsewhere and she'd stop feeding and I didn't want silicone beads for this purpose. These are handmade with crochet done around wooden beads. Ofcourse, the color combo of the beads are so many and I chose this to match with this baby carrier! The personalization on the teething ring with engraved name, is a new arrival and can be made on request. Its made of wood which is so so well sanded and is totally smooth to touch. And yeah, Atyu loved to chomp on it!

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  1. I like that necklace! Does it get really soggy and gross though?

  2. I like it! However, as a bit of a germaphobe, i wonder how it holds up after use ?

    1. Actually that's the exact thought I had earlier. But now, most of my gal's toys are wooden. They are so easy to clean. Even after chewing much, it doesn't get grossed.

  3. I adore your blog and your fun post!! I always hated wearing the old chew jewelry because I felt that it was bulky and not cute. These are adorable and totally stylish :)

  4. I love the nursing necklace, it's super cute! I would totally wear it!


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