Poops Tygblojor (Diapers) - A Review

The first time I used Poops was when I began using cloth diapers. That was a diaper cover and insert. Ever since then it has been my lucky charm. Ask me how? Whenever Atyu has any tummy trouble and suffers a bit, I put on this diaper and she'll give me a full diaper! It is not a coincidence. Its happened way too many times to be a coincidence! Its our lucky charm. 

So its pretty obvious that I need more of that luck, to keep her tummy happy. So here's a stash of Poops tygblojor (that's diapers in Swedish! Yes, its a Swedish brand). Unlike the diaper covers & inserts of last time, this time it has been AIOsTheir AIOs are super cute. The design concept is very simple and straight forward. Using a different colored button than the fabric, in all the solid colored diapers. That's a very simple idea that makes the AIOs look so elegant and colorful. 

The insert of the AIOs are available in 2 types - Coolpass & Bamboo. The Coolpass insert has the top layer as Coolpass which is a moisture wicking layer and 4 layers of microfiber below it. The Bamboo insert has a fine layer of bamboo viscose atop and 3 layers of thick bamboo terry below it. In simple words both are magical! The bamboo is thinner and more pliable than coolpass. The insert is attached on only 1 side so its quicker to dry than the traditional AIOs with sewn in inserts.

Bamboo isn't a stay dry insert, so I use it with a fleece liner. Coolpass is technically staydry, but isn't as dry as fleece, but this doesn't have the pilling problem that most fleece have. That said, these inserts keep absorbing easily for 4 hrs for a 5 mn old. With the extra insert of my old diaper cover, it works our as a night time solution as well. Ofcourse, being an AIO, it does take some extra time to dry than pockets or covers. The staydry, still dries quicker than bamboo. 
The leg gussets are pretty neat. The main layer doesn't have elasticity and the gusset alone has elastic edges resulting in a small pocket that makes all poops stay in! There is absolutely no leakage. Btw, that's one Swedish brand on another - Poops on Sleepyhead! Those owls are from Cookiie Pie Co & Twirl Store.

I guess this is gonna become my best travel companion. I recently went on a day trip to Winter Garden of Ursuline Nuns and I managed to change Atyu's diaper there. Can't wait to pack these for longer trips.
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Cute diapers! I used to cloth diaper my son. It was a lot of work, but they were so much less expensive and harmful for the environment than disposable ones. I felt like super mom doing it. LOL!

  2. We use cloth diapers too! I haven't heard of this brand though, love the colors!

  3. Ahhhh so cute and perfect! I'm going to share this with a friend that's having a baby soon!

  4. We love cloth diapering. Never heard of this brand so I will for sure be checking them out. Thank you for sharing

  5. I never went the cloth diaper route, I am in awe of those that do.

  6. These diaper are so colorful and looks super cute! Now even the babies can follow fashion...lol!

  7. I'm so happy you made the switch to cloth diapers!! I'm sure it is a lot of work but you must feel proud doing so!

  8. How cute are these cloth diapers. They look really cool and are also money saving, a win indeed!

  9. Wow cloth diapers being sold! 25 years ago when my daughter was born there was nothing else but home made cloth triangles!


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