Imsevimse Cloth Diapers - A Review

I'm already impressed with ImseVimse, with their Cloth Pads. Now, I also got to try out their cloth diapers and.... read on to know my experience.
This is the first time I was trying out Fitted Diapers. In my early stages of cloth diapering Atyu, I was still using disposables in the night. As I got more and more confident about cloth diapers, I switched to AIO diapers with extra inserts for nights. It is still working fantastic. However I did want to try out the Fitted Diapers, especially of late, Atyudarini moves 360° (yes, she gets perpendicular to her original position), goes on side, tummy and rotates back to her back!!! Once she even nursed in the crawling position half-asleep, in the middle of the night! I thought why not try out fitteds, coz they'll keep everything in no matter which position or posture she's in! 
Fitted Diapers are fully made of absorbent material when compared to AIOs, SIOs or Pockets where only the central area is absorbent. Imse Vimse's cloth diapers are made of Organic Cotton Terry fabric. It comes in sets of 4 pieces.
Each piece has the pre-formed diaper and an extra soaker. While the USA version comes with 4 different colored stitch lines, the European version is all white making it a bit difficult to differentiate. I would like to differentiate so that I use all 4 in a rotation and not end up using the same piece again & again. So I did end up attaching small matching colored ribbons on the diapers & their respective soakers. And yeah, since they don't have a stay-dry layer, I had to cut up a fleece blanket in its shape and layer the whole thing. I did try with the regular fleece liners, but as it soaks all over, and as Atyu keeps moving, she does feel the wetness and wakes up early morning. 
Imse Vimse also had diaper covers and extra night booster which come in cotton, microfiber and bamboo. But guess what, even without the night booster, just the diaper, with its soaker stays well for 12 hrs!!! I'm just relieved....
There cover has velcro and its excellent esp if I forget to change her diaper before she sleeps, velcro is good to put on without waking her up. It doesn't leak if I use just the night booster snapped on it, during day time, if I keep changing in the inserts atmost 4hrs. But it does start leaking overnight, even though the fitted diaper holds it all. I tried changing the cover to see if the leak persists, to know if I had to add more boosters, but no, as it is, it doesn't leak! So cover, may be due to Atyu's excessive movement, leaks overnight!
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. They look super cute! A fresh and happy little baby in the most adorable diapers, what more can you wish for!

  2. We never did cloth diapers but these sound great. And they're so cute, too!

  3. I never really did cloth diapers but I wish we would have. There are so many cute designs now!

  4. How cute! I never considered cloth diapers when my babies were smaller, but I'm strongly considering for my next!

  5. Those printed covers are so cute! And smart to put the ribbons on to help you differentiate!


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