Black and Gold - the LBD version

Of late, flea market shopping has became a sort of addiction for me. You saw the the stunning Hot Pink Dress that I got for myself and a matching one for Atyu at just €5 each. Another flea market find is this faux suede black dress. Why is this my favourite? That golden zipper in the front. It not only adds the perfectly needed glam to the outside, but also makes it............ you'll know it if you're a regular reader................ breastfeeding friendly!!!

Recently we went to this amazing little town in Belgium called Mons. This is what I wore there on Day 1. That shoes.... is also a flea market find! Black booties with golden studs which perfectly matches the black dress which also golden zipper detail in it! 

The pop of red here and there were a must for me. So lips are MAC Riri woo, but that bangle/bracelet??? That's the ring of a babywearing ringsling! How's the whole combo... The locations include various UNESCO Sites in Mons as well as Dream Hotel in Mons.

Suede LBD: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels
Studded black booties: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels
Leggings: Primark
Glow in the dark Skull Earrings: Claire's
Bangles: Ring of ringsling!
Baby Carrier: SoulSlings
Stroller: Mutsy 4Rider

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  1. Wow the dress looks really cool, but the show stealer are the shoes, they are the real stunners and have added a lot of dimension to the otherwise simple LBD

  2. I love how you combined the black clothes with the shyny stones on the shoes! Good that you explain where did you buy each article :)


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