Soch Cloth Pads & Period Panties - A Review

Yippee.... I found the driest Cloth Sanitary Pad and its an Indian brand!!! Introducing Soch.... The word Soch mean Thought! All we need is a thought, to begin living eco-consciously. 
The Soch menstrual pads comes with a whooping 8 size options - XS (18cm), S (23cm), M (28cm) & L (34cm), each in 2 different widths, Petite (6.5cm) and Regular (8.5cm). The XS comes is 2 variations - with & without the leakproof PUL layer. All of them have upper layer that comes in contact with the skin as combed cotton jersey fabric. The absorbing layers inside include microfiber as well as rayon cotton wool. The leakproof layer beneath is PUL coated and finally the back is same as front but in different colors for Petite & Regular.
Here is the thing - I've been using it for a few months now and as usual I didn't have much expectations in the 'feel-dry' part. But then, this is definitely the driest of all the brands that I've tried (well, that would be a shared title with another Mexican brand). Even on my heavy days, it felt incredibly soft and dry. Neither did it feel bulky. On heavy days, the presence of the L size pad can be really felt. It wasn't uncomfortable with the softness of the pad, but the presence could be felt, due to its length. At 34cm its longer than a ruler!
But this length can totally be justified. The L size withstood for 6 hrs on a heavy flow day without even feeling wet or leaking into the underwear. Even with gushes, the leakproof layer withstood well! After 6 hrs it began to leak into the underwear. The M size withstood well for 6 hrs on a medium flow day. The XS (pantyliners) are super thin and super comfortable for those days when you're not sure or tail-end days. The soakers inside did allow the wetness to be spread well, which is a big plus point.
Talking about gushes, Soch has the perfect solution - inter-labia pads. I hadn't heard of this concept until I saw it in their website. Its a small leaf shaped pad made of same materials as the pad, which is to be rolled or folded and placed inter-labially! This helped all the more in letting the wetness spread through the length of the pad. It holds the gushes and lets it down smoothly, so the leak-proof layer doesn't have to.... work too much, if, what I say, makes sense.... Was it comfortable? Well, it wasn't uncomfortable. Like L sized pads, its presence could be felt. But because of the nice material, it didn't feel uncomfortable. 
But then............ don't buy any of these! All you need is their other innovation - Soch Period Panties!!! Its that simplest of concepts that makes you wonder, how come no one came up with this already??!!!! Its almost like a pad stitched to the panties with provisions to attach another pad superficially! How was it? Well, the removable insert stays put for 4 hours on a heavy day and about 5 hrs on a medium day. The actual panties is cotton and elastane with the padded part exactly the same as the cloth pad itself. 

I'd say just buy as many period panties as the number of your period days. Buy extra sets of inserts in accordance to your frequency to change. Say 3-4 panties and 4-5 extra sets of inserts and you're all sorted for atleast 5-6 years!!!  
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Oh these are such a good idea. I like the thought of reusing and saving money and being more environmentally friendly too!

  2. Wow this is so cool! Am curious how much did you save compared to using disposable diapers?

    1. This is one time investment of about ₹2000. Every month spending of disposables is about ₹100. That's ROI in 20 months, that's less than 2 years. Let's round it off at 2 yrs to compensate for laundry expense. This stays good for atleast 5 years with proper maintenance. So that's 3 yrs worth savings!

  3. That's a great deal. How one can get that in brussels

    1. Its available via PreciousStars Pads & Lalicup in Europe.


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