Styling with Atyu - Primary colors!

I've had this discussion with way too many people. When I mention RYB as primary colors, dang comes the reply, 'No, its RGB'! Yes, that too... But RYB too... Well, primary colors are 2 types - pigment & light. Computer used RGB, coz its light's primary colors and while painting, RYB is used, coz that's pigment's primary colors. So why am I talking about it?

Well, in the right state of mind, I wouldn't really combine the primary colors together in the same outfit unless its an Indian traditional outfit. A traditional bandhni saree would look great, but contemporary outfits in that color combo would look too jarring! But then, I tried - thanks to Atyu's diaper! One of Atyudarini's recent diaper is a combo of Red Yellow and Blue. I thought, why not match her! How would the combo look on an adult, in an contemporary outfit?! Too colorful, too jarring? What's your thoughts???

Top: Espirit
Jeggings: Primark
Hat: received at BalNational
Sling bag: c/o Superbottoms 
Atyu's diaper: c/o Superbottoms

The Sling bag is actually an interesting product - it's a diaper wet bag. Meaning, its a water proof bag meant to hold, used cloth diapers when you're on the go. Obviously, these days I carry a big bag/basket of baby stuff wherever I go incl diapers, wipes, burp cloth, toys etc and I usually fling this bag somewhere until I have to pick it up. No one would try to steal diapers, so that's ok! But then, what about my valuables - cell phone, key, wallet? Those go right into this sling bag! I luuuuurve this print. Its called Horn OK Please! Its a totally Indian design. With the heavy traffic of cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, and honking being rampant, it definitely brings a big grin in the faces of parents! 
That hat, that hat I got on the BalNational day in Brussels. People were given these hats in Yellow Black and Red (tricolor of Belgian flag) in random. Yellow was handed over to me! I was really amused. I would have worn black often, red, relatively often. But yellow??? I never wore it till this photoshoot! 

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  1. RBG is the primary right?
    I am distracted with your baby's cute diaper prints!


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