Styling (Hiking) with Atyu - Summer Pastels

Didymos is one of the tried and tested and trustworthy brands when it comes to baby carriers. Its a women run, family business begun by Erika Hoffman in 1972 and now headed by her daughter, Tina Hoffman. Its businesses like this, that are run by moms, make is more personal when it comes to mommy products. I was rather impressed when I received messages from Tina herself! 

My tryst with Didymos began with the Lisca Rainbow Meh Dai. It was my first ever Meh Dai and Atyudarini was about 6 months when I laid my hands on it and she was sitting up by then, which means, as I mentioned in that post, I could back carry her! As much as front carry has its own advantages of being close to the heart when Atyu was very small, as she gets bigger, front carry gets a wee bit difficult (yes, I was originally interested in forward facing front carry, but then after a couple wears, Atyu looked like she was in an upright turtle like position and I stopped wearing like that!). Plus back carry is more fun, coz Atyu gets to see the world exactly how I see it!

Dress & Stockings: Thrifted from a fleamarket in Brussels
Amethyst Silver Earrings: Handcrafted by the artisans of Rajasthan
Amethyst Silver Necklace: Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan
Shoes: Bata
Onbuhimo Baby Carrier: c/o Didymos in Summer Mosaic
(Don't worry, I unbuckled the chest clip just for this photo)

After buckle carriers, wrap, ringsling and Mehdai, another major way to carry is using the Onbuhimo. An Onbuhimo is a Japanese style of babywearing where the child is tied high in the back. It traditionally had rings and fabric ribbons to knot. The modern versions come with adjustable straps and buckles, making it all the more compact and easy to wear. Compact is an understatement. When folded and packed, its tiny! This is soon going to be my go-to babywearing, esp when traveling. With the baby high up in the back, the weight almost not-felt, coz its almost like carrying a back pack which I've been since school days! 
The body panel width is adjustable with a tie-up at the base, just like their Mehdai. The shoulder straps are super padded making it really comfortable. The body panel sides where the child's knees lay, are also padded. The hood is adjustable and can be secured to the shoulder straps with buttons and loop. Being a waist-less carrier, its perfect for pregnant women. Though this is ideally a back carry, I did a bit of front carry too! This fabric is called Summer Mosaic. Like all of their products, this too is a wrap conversion and the same is available as wrap, ringsling, mehdai etc. This too is a beautiful multicolored fabric, but unlike Lisca, this is very subdued. Like Lisca, the mini motifs of jacquard pattern with twill weave, makes the fabric very pliable right from the beginning.

I recently ventured to Spa, a town in Belgium, known for its F1 racing. But also the town is a mountainous region making it an ideal place for trekking and hiking. Ever since Atyu was born, I haven't gone on a trek. This trip was a relaxing one for just hiking and thermal spa! So yeah, Atyu was in the Onbuhimo as we hiked. Being the first one after baby, this was an easy trek of just about 7-8km. More about it coming up soon on My Travelogue.

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  1. Thats carrier looks great and comfortable. I hope this can be taken in the front also. I have always felt it more comfortable when the baby is in front.

  2. I like this carrier coz it makes you and your baby bond more, and its adjustable. Do they ship worldwide?

  3. I can't believe that you trekked with Atyu. You do know how to keep fit :)


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