SleepyHead Grand Pod - A Review

You may have already read my post on my review on Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod. When I first got it, I thought its just a bed and I may not use it much. But then, much to my surprise, it became a staple that was used every day... I had my doubts, ofcourse. Atyudarini almost filled it when it arrived, when she was 4 months old. I thought she wouldn't fit in it till 8 months as the brand says. But then, she did (she's a 15 percentile baby) and still she does pretty snug. 
Now, Atyu is almost 9 months old and I'm a bit too addicted to Sleepyhead to give it up, so its time to upgrade to the Grand pod. The Grand Pod is significantly larger than the Deluxe Pod. While the Grand Pod also comes with its own carry case, its not really ideal to tug it around for travels. Its rather large! The Deluxe was such an adorable, light weight little thing that we carried around wherever we went. Though Grand can be carried around, is still light weight (though heavier than Deluxe), with its dimensions, its a bit not-easy.

The wading around is pretty large. This is awesome because, for now, it serves as a very good barrier. She has overgrown the wading of the Deluxe version and easily crawls/rolls over it. Though she can climb over the Grand's wading, it takes a bit of her effort to do that.
The purpose of this Grand Pod is to help children transition from co-sleeping/crib to their own bed. The side wading gives the necessary protection to prevent accidental rolling off. Unlike the Deluxe, as I mentioned earlier, this is significantly large which makes it impossible to be used as a co-sleeper (may be, unless you have a King sized bed!).  That's both the Deluxe and Grand next to each other. 
The Deluxe had the function of also being a play gym with its own arch & hanging toys. It made sense at that age, to encourage the child to sit up. So, the grand version doesn't come with that option. Similar to the Deluxe version, the Grand too comes with the On the Go rexin bag which could be purchased separately. However the pod itself comes with its own transparent plastic bag. 

The Grand Pod too comes with the same colors and prints as Deluxe. This time, with Spring Summer all around me, I decided to order the gorgeous floral bloom called Sleepyhead Grand La Vie En Rose which is under the same Fairy Tale Collection as the green leafy Lush & Fern that I had the Deluxe in.
But..... none of these are the best points about the Grand pod. It is......... I fit into it!!! Well, atleast its width fits me, though waist below I dangle below it.... But then, it really gives me an idea on how kids sleep on it! Its reallllllly comfortable! And the deluxe pod? Its now, the nappy changing station!
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Am feeling jealous knowing how he is enjoying his sleeping pod. Wondering if they customize for adult size


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