Styling with Atyu - Shorty Wrap Babywearing!

Somehow I never gave any importance to shorty wraps. As a big fan of fancy finishes, I always wanted my wraps to be long. Recently however I laid my hands on a Size 3 wrap. Its the same material as my Didymos Onbuhimo. The weave is the gorgeous, multi colored, very pliable, 100% organic cotton Summer Mosaic. 

Recently I was on a train journey with a stroller for Atyudarini. Obviously as soon as we boarded, the left the stroller near the door and proceeded in, only to find there were no seats at all! Standing near the space by the door, in a moving train, I had to wear Atyu! The short wrap was a blessing! With a size 3 wrap, in a quick Hip Cross Carry, there she was safe, wrapped onto me!

Wrap Top: From an NGO that serves Tsunami affected women in India 
Harem Pants: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels 
Babywearing: c/o Didymos Wrap Summer Mosaic  
Sneakers: Bata

Digging deeper into the short wraps I came to know that ever back carry can be done using short wraps! I'm still a novice with back carry with a wrap (back carry with onbuhimo, mehdai or ssc is a breeze!) and I still need help to do it. I think I'll try shorty's a bit more as well. 

Btw, its sheer chance that I'm wearing exactly the same outfit with the Didymos product as I was wearing with my first ever Didymos product - the Lisca Rainbow Meh Dai. Do you wrap your baby? What do you prefer - front, back or side, long or short wrap? Let me know!
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  1. I admire how you wrapped your baby using this cloth. Do you think a huge scarf can do the justice?

  2. Aw, this is so cute. I'm a huge advocate of babywearing and I wish I had something like this when mine was little.

  3. Wow! The fabrics of this wrap are so colourful. Really liked the pattern as well! Cheers


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