Nostalgia - Feat. Tinkle & Superbottoms!

Are you an Indian in your 20s or 30s? You'd know who are Ramu, Somu, Suppandi, Kalia, Kapish, Shikari Shambu are, don't you? As a kid who grew up in Chennai, every time I went to Chennai Central, I'd head to the book store there and buy atleast one Tinkle Digest or more! 
How many of you remember reading the entire book, cover to cover, overnight, in the train, under the poor lighting, as the train sways in its own rhythm??!!! I did heck a number of  overnight travels, esp to my grandparents' place by train and every time, I looked forward to the Tinkle Digest at the Central station. I had this going probably till my teens... Somehow my parents never questioned me how many of these would I buy.... 

Apart from the comics, were these super awesome informative articles that tell about something in each book right from Animals to DIYs to small puzzles to historical facts to brave heart kids and so much more! 
Today Tinkle has volumes of its digests and it took  me to such a nostalgia. Some of the volumes include Suppandi, Tantri, Shambu, Assorted digest packs of 12, 24 etc. I laid my hands on the 3 volume book set called Tinkle Origins with its first ever books of 1980-82. I'm just looking forward to introduce Kapish, Ramu, Somu and more to Atyudarini.
These are hard cover books with cover colors in Blue, Green and Red! Guess what, my latest set of Cloth Diapers from Super Bottoms is exactly the same colors. The prints on them is also such a perfect representation of/for any Indian kid!

The Green one is called the Colors of India which represents people from various states of India with their authentic style of clothing. The art is minimalist and simple. The Red one is called Baby Talk which is about the various dialogues Indian aunties would tell any new mom! Its so funny! It has an absolute comic style layout. The Blue one is called The Great Indian Family which gives a witty dialogue to represent every relative to a child in an Indian Family. Non-Indians may find this weird, but the thing is, Indian languages have dedicated words for even distant relatives incl., mother's brother's wife or father's sister's son! 
Next up - I hope the 2 brands collaborate and Superbottoms comes up with a Kalia or Shikari Shambu print! Errrrmmmmm..... Oh yeah, I hope they do it soon too, before Atyudarini grows out of diapering phase!

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