Styling with Atyu - Red & Beige Outfit

As I've mentioned earlier in this blog, a Meh Dai is the best of both worlds, a perfect cross between wrap and buckle carrier. It has the comfort of a panel and the joy of wrapping the tails. The better plus point is that certain ways of wrapping it also makes it pregnancy friendly (the waist band actually not sitting on the waist)!

This Mehdai / Bei dai is a birth to toddler sized one. It has drawstrings everywhere - on either sides of the body panel to adjust the height; across the body panel below hood, at the neck to adjust the width; on either sides of the hood to adjust the length of the hood to either use it as a hood or as a neck support.... 

Shirt: Esprit
Tan Jeggings: Primark
Red brogues:  22 Octobre de Strelli
Mehdai Baby carrier: Lilitai in Desert Spirit c/o Liliputi Babywearing
Bamboo Earrings & Necklace: Handmade by artisans of Tamil Nadu

The padding at the waist is unbelievable! Its so thick & comfortable. The super-strong velcro across the bodypanel, not only makes its width adjustable, but totally stays put; it just doesn't budge or move or twist over! There is leg padding for the baby as well which is a big plus point. As I mentioned earlier, of-late I'm so much into back carry than front carry (yeah, Atyudarini is getting heavier day by day but more importantly I'm smitten by fancy finishes), though this is suitable from both front & back carry. This Mehdai can be used till 15kgs. The fabric is 100% organic cotton.

The only negative point I'd say is that currently they stock only 3 options in it - Ocean Breeze (Blue), Moonlight (Grey) and this, all in same weave, unlike their buckle carrier which comes in a plethora of print & weave options, this is way too limited! I really do hope they come up with much more designs of Liliputi Meh Dais (Lilitai-s)...

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  1. It is so cool how you wrapped it around your body while securing your baby. Can you make a demo how u do it?


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