Atyudarini's first Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami

Krishna Jayanthi is a Hindu religious festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. All these years I didn't give much though to the festival at all, but now, with the birth of Atyudarini, Krishna Jayanthi has a new found interest from me!

Lord Krishna is the perfectly adorable God. I can understand if this doesn't make sense at all, if you're not familiar with Hinduism. To give you an idea - he's a God who was brought up in a village surrounded by forest, wore peacock feather on his head, loved butter and stole butter from the neighbourhood as a toddler, was one heck of a mischievous kid, was a shepherd in the growing up years and played flute, was kinda a playboy as a teenager, the perfect lover to his girlfriend as a youngster...... He's not the typical God you pray to, but the God that you could scold or fall in love with. As the poet Subrahmaniya Bharathi said 'Krishna, grow within me as a foetus!'.... So, you get the idea. 

This is the first Krishna Jayanthi after Atyudarini was born. So, it is indeed special. Traditionally, kids are dressed up as Krishna or Radha (Krishna's love interest). Me, being so far away from home, I did a bit of DIY to dress up Atyudarini as Krishna. The jewelry are mine which I luckily had here. The dhoti (the draped pants) are a DIY out of her muslin blanket and the flute is the central tube of kitchen towel roll which I painted.
Crown: Irresistible me tiara (same as worn here)
Peacock feather (?): Sequinned earrings (same as worn here)
Dhoti: DIY using Cookie Dohar Blanket (same as featured here)
Flute: DIY using kitchen towel's cardboard tube
Peacock Jewelry: Paytm bazaar (same as worn here)
(The arm bands are the earrings with their stems broken!)
Bracelet: Its a Rakhi tied on Mr.V!
Namam (red streak) on forehead: MAC Lip Liner in Rubywoo

The most endearing aspect of Krishna Jayanthi, when there's a kid in the household is, making the kid walk from the door to the home altar making impression of the feet on the floor with rice paste. This signifies Lord Krishna coming into the house! Actual reason - the rice powder also serves as a food to ants & sparrows. I'm not expecting any ants & sparrows in my apartment in here though!

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  1. She looks adorable and it is nice to finally see a girl child dressed as krishna. I find it irritating that even parents who have children of both genders can be sexists when it comes to celebrating festivals.

  2. She looks adorable like a princess of pearls! I like how you accessorized her whole look :D


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