When Belgian art meets Dutch design!

...Propaganza Street Art & Greentom Stroller!...

I was traveling from Brussels to Halle when, on the way I spotted this tiny railway station filled with such amazing wall art. So another day, we headed just to check out this place.... 

The art is by a team of artists called Propaganza, who make impeccable graffiti and wall art. This team was formed in 2012 with the idea to promote street art in Belgium. This is also by them at the Vivier d'Oie (Disdelle) railway station located in south of Brussels. This was painted by 20 artists in a sprawling space of 1800 sqm using 2000 spray paint bombs. The idea behind this art was to make the railway station more friendly and clean - the purpose is served. I went to this railway station, just to see the railway station and its impeccable art.

I was telling Mr.V that we should click some pictures in front of the various street art and truck art. Yes, Brussels is known for its street art and truck art and Brussels has several, several legal murals and even there are maps that point to various murals in a region..... And Mr.V reminded me of this railway station that we spotted by chance, through the train windows!

Stroller: c/o Greentom Classic
Dress & Shoes: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels
Hairband: Irresistible me

You might already know that I'm a big time Babywearing mamma. That said, at times, in certain situations, babywearing isn't very convenient, and as Atyudarini get heavier, longer stretches babywearing proves to be a bit tiring. So here's my super awesome stroller from Greentom. The best part, it is completely made of recycled plastic and PET bottles. Choosing such a stroller is the ideal option for any cloth diapering, earth loving momma! More about the stroller and its review are coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Huge murals makes the city looks more welcoming and friendly. Here in my small town Bonifacio Global City, many vacant walls are also painted and turn into murals as part of the city's initiative.


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