Night Diapering Solutions - Blümchen fitteds!

As I mentioned in my 1 year of Cloth Diapering post, Blümchen is one of my go-to brands when it comes to diapering, esp., their bamboo fitteds is a magic for nights! 
Recently, I tried their new launch, Blümchen Bio Line Fitteds. This comes in 3 varieties - Regular, Printed & Twill. I've been using these for about 3 months now and Blümchen's promise is kept - it doesn't leak, it stays put easily for 12 hrs on a heavy wetting toddler! Just take my word for it, I've been cloth diapering my gal since day 7 & tried quite a few types & brands of diapers and this is one of the best(est) cloth diaper ever!!!
Just like the bamboo fitteds, that I've been using since almost a year now, this too has all the features needed for the perfect night time diapering. First of all, it isn't too bulky. The whole diaper is made of the same absorbent material and its really soft against the skin. The have elastic at the back and around legs for the perfect fit and doesn't allow any leaks! They have the integral padding, like an AIO and they also have a pocket for extra stuffing. The twill variety also comes with it own extra insert. 
The diaper covers of Blumchen are magic again! The have double gusset and 3 height adjustment levels making the fitting absolutely perfect. This is my go-to diaper cover when I travel because with its fantastic elastics and double gusset, there is absolutely no leak. Yet, the elastic isn't too harsh and doesn't leave any marks on the skin. The cute prints are just the icing on the cake!
That said, none of the these have a fleece lining within. Though they also have rectangular fleece liners that can be bought separately, that wasn't really enough for my gal who would wake up with the wetness of the sides. I had already bought a large fleece blanket that usually cut up according to the actual size and shape of various diapers. 
Blümchen delivers the best quality, as always! Its one of my favourite brands! Here's the best part -  I don't use these for nights alone, these are my go-to for travels. While it is always good to change the diaper every 4 hrs, sometimes it is just not possible. For eg., if I have a 2-3hr train/flight, including the boarding time, door to door ideally would take 6 hrs. In such a case, I'd rather choose to put her in this fitted diaper and change after 6 hrs. So  yeah, even in an active day time usage, this stays put for 6 hrs atleast. Here in this pic, Atyudarini is in Budapest Airport's kids area wearing her super cute Blümchen cover with fitteds inside.

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