Blümchen Cloth Pads - A Review

Back with my tried and tested, trustworthy brand Blümchen. I've been in love with their cloth diapers since a long time now and recently they've also launched Cloth Pads! I've been using these for almost 3-4 months now and I'm just in love with these!!! I got to try 3 versions of their cloth pads and they were all wonderful.

The most recent innovation is the Butterfly Pads which were just awesome. To begin with, this almost follows the same concept like the cloth pads. The top layer is majorly bamboo viscose and the core in microfiber and the outer layer is PUL. The PUL fabric designs are same as the diaper cover designs.
The name comes from the shape of the pad. Its well flared in the front and excellently flared in the back and the centre after buttoning is pretty narrow, which makes it fit and feel comfortable when worn. The top layer is a cut pile fabric and is super soft against the skin. The cut-pile's inherent quality include moisture wicking which keeps the skin dry and it channelizes the flow, making the whole pad work and not just the central part. Another feature of bamboo fiber and cut-pile fabric - it doesn't really retain stains. The pad looks as good as new after multiple uses.
The microfiber core is 1, 2 or 3 layers thick for the S,M, L sizes respectively. The L pad is magical and sustains overnight without staining bed or feeling wet! A super big thumbsup! This is one of the best pads I've used which feels dry and looks cute & new even after using several times! The only trouble, which is applicable to many other PUL backed pads (unlike hidden PUL), is the movement of the pad. If worn with synthetic underwear, it moves. You have to wear it with cotton to keep it put!
The other 2 types of Blümchen pads that I tried were Organic Cotton Twill and Slimfit pantyliners. They are excellent in their job as a mild protection on tail-end days or as a back-up for cups or mild incontinence. I prefer the twill pads to the slimfit for it feels more natural for the everyday wear.
So, answering the question of how many pads do you need to begin your stash? I'd say 3S, 6M and 3L and 3 liners. This would be, as it is, enough for a person with a 3 day long period and for those with longer periods, you just have to wash them at the end of each day and they'll be definitely dry in 2 days.

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