SleepyHead - Mediterraneo Collection

Sleepyhead is a life saver! It makes co-sleeping possible, but then she still has her own bed. I can constantly make sure she's fine when she's asleep without disrupting my sleep, but at the same time, she's not sleeping on our bed!

When they launched the 'Meditteraneo' Collection, I had to get my hands on one of those gorgeous blue spare covers! This season, they've come up with a new collection called 'Seascapes'! This is tempting as well, but then, I need to stop!!! Haha...
Meditteraneo collection concentrated on patterns inspired by the historical cities around the Mediterranean sea including Lisbon, Athens, Rhodes Island, Cote d Azur etc. All are tints, tones and shades of blue on white base. I had a tough time to choose between Athens & Lisbon. Both the patterns were serene and totally my type! Finally I made up my mind and chose Lisbon. This is indeed inspired by the traditional blue tiles of Portugal. This collection is perfect for Atyudarini, coz her cot is also a combination of blue & white!
This season, their Seascapes Collection is like never before! This time, they've chosen to actually digitally print photographs!!! Ah! Yes! You read that right.... Its a set of 5 designs featuring 2 photographers, these are actual photo prints of the covers!!! My favourite most definitely has to be Sail Away!!! 

Another product of Sleepyhead that I love is the OnTheGo bags! This is a huuuuuge bag that fits the Grand Pod perfectly. When its not in use, it can be folded and stored in a small water resistant draw-string bag. While they serve their actual purposes very well, they are super duper useful is a gazillion other ways! The OTG bag of Grand pod is so big that you can use it a vacation luggage in there! I use in-flights to carry.............. the stroller! This ways, the stroller doesn't get damaged in the rough handling! The mini drawstring bag? Well, its water resistant! I use it to store the used cloth nappies on the go! It hasn't leaked for an entire day's outing so far and can easily fit in 3-4 nappies!!!
So, how's your sleeping arrangement with your little one. Do you practice co-sleeping? Are you for or against co-sleeping? Let me know in the comments below.

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