Atyu's Closet - 2nd Birthday!

Atyudarini is already 2!!! I can't believe it!!! Wasn't it just recently I posted her first birthday outfit??? Well..... Time flies.... and here comes her 2nd birthday outfit.
Regular readers of my blog might remember why we chose the name Atyudarini and what it means. Its derived from a name on a temple inscription (more details here). The way in which its written is a stylized version of a script called Pallava Grantham. So on this birthday, I took this script and made a dress for her with her name itself as the prime decor!!!

So on the chest Atyudarini written in the stylized version of Pallava Grantham itself. In the border is her name written in 6 Indian languages - Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and finally Brahmi, the ancient, oldest known script which formed the basis for  many Indian languages including Tamil. All these languages have a special relation to Atyudarini in some form or the other! Scattered all over the body of the skirt are the letter 'a' in various Indian languages. All of these are hand-painted. 

Unlike last birthday outfit, when I visiting India and could source Khadi (handspun handloom) fabric, this time, I didn't have that option. The fabrics are actually the last bit that you get at fabric shops for a zilch! I found 3 fabrics, all in off-white, in 3 different weight, texture and style. A perfect match it was!!!
Ofcourse, being an autumn baby, the weather can be really fluctuating. Last year, it was so warm, that she wore just her dress. This year, it a bit chilly, so I've put on the dress over her red tee & pants. Yeah.... This last pic is when she literally told me to put my phone inside the bag and stop taking photographs.... 

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  1. Happy Birthday wishes to Atyudarini. The motif on the chest is so interesting - are the hamsa heads part of the script?

    1. Thanks Sayuri! Actually yes, the hamsa is the part of the script. The individual letters don't have these decorations, but when written as a word, they have this calligraphic styling, including hamsa and swirls and more...


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