Styling with Atyu - Short Wrap Back Carry!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been trying out short wraps, these days and they are such a blessing! This one is again by Girasol, Its a size 2 wrap meaning, its just 2.6m. The very big advantage of 2.6m is, it is light and it is possible to carry it everywhere like a scarf! While fancy finishes of base size/longer wraps are super fun, sometimes, shorty wraps are needed for those quick 'lift-me-mommy' -s. 
Girasol Short wrap back carry

De Wand tram station murals in Brussels
What happens is, when Atyudarini wants to go biking, or even a long walk, she gets tired after a while. Esp., when we go biking, I have carry her and the bike as well and head back home. Doing that without a wrap is super tiring even if its a short distance. There are 2 major disadvantages of a long wrap at this point - 1. She's already tired and by the time I try wrap a long wrap and try a finish on it, she's really really irritated! 2. When she suddenly gets tired, we are the middle of somewhere like a park or footpath etc and the whole long wrap gets super dusty and dirty. Comes in shorty wraps to the rescue. Its easy to carry, wrapping it around the neck or body and when Atyudarini gets tired, I can wrap her quickly and my hands are free to carry her bike!
Girasol Short wrap back carry

Girasol Short wrap back carry
Tee: Thrifted from a flea market in Brussels
Jeans: Promod
Girasol zunil woven wrap
Like I mentioned in the last post, what I love about Girasol wraps are they are super easy to use as soon as they're unpacked, without having the need to break-it-in. Also being someone who loved handmade products, esp., handloom textiles, since these are handwoven in Guatemala, I'm super happy to be using these.
Girasol short wrap back carry

no-sew ring sling size 2 wrap
This design is called Zunil. Its 100% cotton and about 215 gsm heavy. Actually, it serves as a very good blanket wrap, even without the baby, on those slightly chilly days of spring! The width is generous and easy to make a deep seat. The natural texture of the handwoven cotton fabric, makes it grippy and even knotless finishes stay-put without loosening. The best part, Zunil pattern is so colorful and it makes me super happy....
While the rucksack back carry with superman toss is quick, sometimes Atyudarini wants to be in the front, on my chest. So I also wear 2 rings like a bangle/bracelet while we head out and sometimes I make a quick no sew ring-sling. 
Girasol Short wrap back carry
Btw, the location here is De-Wand tram station is Brussels which is one of the places, most extensively covered in murals. Very close to here is the Chinese Pavilion & Japanese Tower!! Read about more things to do in Brussels & Belgium in my other blog, My Travelogue!



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