Date Style - Mauve Maxi Skirt

If you're from India you'll know what a ration saree is! During Pongal (that's the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu in India), the state government gifted all its citizens with a saree and dhoti (the traditional women's & men's wear of India) per household through Public Distribution Scheme. So we too got a saree in a gorgeous Mauve color. I don't have any outfit in this color, so I though of making a maxi skirt out of it! 

First my idea was to just gather it at one side and make a simple gathered skirt. But then that would give me the maximum flare of 5m (length of saree minus its pallu). I thought why not make a 8-part gored skirt which ways I'd make the flare at the hemline about 6m! So that's what I did!

Applique work top: Handmade by artisans of Gujarat
Mauve maxi skirt: Bhushavali
Earrings: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai

That's the seal of the State Govt with our logo and with the details that the product is a freebie and some codes etc. I thought that's too cute(!) to discard. So I made it as a little charm like thing that hangs near the side-seam. So how's that skirt??? Btw, remember this top? I wore it here & here. I chopped off its sleeve to make it a very short sleeve so its made sense to me, than an elbow length half sleeve! The purple applique work in it matched with the mauve skirt and yup, that made the pair! 

The photographs were taken in 3 different locations. The first two are from a pre-historic iron age rock art site near Hampi at a place called Onake Kindi in Anegundi. The last 2 two pictures are from Vittalla Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The others were clicked at Orange County Resort in Hampi

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  1. love the pics
    keep in touch

  2. Andha ration sareeku ippidi oru pousa? keep it up! :)

  3. Good innovative idea brush. ..keep up always ur spirit of talents..great

  4. You look like a princess with the Maxi skirt. You look great on this outfit.

  5. It's so perfect for the weather and I'm sure you felt like a princess walking around with a skirt as lovely! I like the color as well. It's really a stand out.

  6. This skirt works the best on the sofa! It feels almost like a bridal-gown sorta way~ wear a pom pom underneath and you might get a different feel!

  7. mauve is such a beautiful colour. it definitely brightens not only the outfit but the surroundings too


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