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How many out there have this weird habit that I have? What weird habit? Let me tell you. I wear the clothes that I love, esp. the regular wear or casual wear ones, again and again, whenever I could. No, that's not weird. The weird part comes here. I don't wear it till it gets soiled. I wear to a certain extent. Then at one point, I won't wear it any more, though it could be worn. Coz, I don't want to spoil it. I kinda preserve it from then on. I have 4-5 tops that are like this. Any one else too having this habit???
This top is one of that kind. This was the last ever time, I wore it. Then on, it went to my preserved collection. I bought it from Victoria Technical Institute. I was not in a mood to shop when I went there that particular visit. Not definitely apparel. But this top, I couldn't resist myself. I loved the dark blue, black and white combo. And its technique is called 'Double Ikkat', which is essentially an ancient textile technique of India (Trust me, evidences for its existence date from 2nd C BC!!! We don't know how earlier it came into being, without being recorded). Its way too difficult to create this. And there are a few thousands of families that still create these exquisite textiles in India. What they actually do is they help the age old tradition and heritage to survive. And they too depend on this art for their survival. And that's the very reason, I really get freaked out when people print this with screen or digital printing and mass produce this. 
Top: VTI, Chennai
Jean: Jealous 21
Handbag: From a Street Shop in Chennai

This shot was taken in Parappalaru Falls. Its one place located in the midst of thick greenery, and so its not even spotted in Google Maps!!! I loved trekking this place and its the most fabulous place I've ever seen. Click here for my Travelogue of this place.

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  1. yeah,I've read a little about ikkat.My mom had an ikkat sari too.It's beautiful!

  2. what do you do with the items when you stop wearing them? if it is something i love, i wear it till it's broke! (torn, ripped, faded, doesn't fit!) or, sometimes, i just get tired of it!


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment.. I love your blog :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  4. Ikat is so big these days, isn't it? love your top!

  5. @Sowmi,
    Nice to know your mom had ikat sarees.
    Thanks dear.. :)

    I do the same. When I love it so much, I wear it so much that its almost gone. But then, I that point, I get this feel of losing it. And its then I preserve it forever... :) Strange na...:)

    Welcome to my blog dear..
    Do visit often. I'd love your visits n comments.. :)

    @Oh to be a Muse,
    It is indeed. But the sad part is, its jewel like creation and the lovely age old handmade uniqueness is spoiled these days by hearlessly printing it. :(


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