Travel Style - Striped Shirt

Top: From a Street Shop in Chennai
Jean: Jealous 21
Footwear: Bata

This shirt has had varied comments. I bought it in a small shop for 150 bucks. Some said its cute and well fitting and its a steal at that price and others said its just not ok. Whatever I like it. Thought I don't wear it often, I like it pretty much.
On the other hand, isn't that location fabulous. Its all pelicans floating away happily. Here's my travelogue on Perungudi Lake where I spotted these Pelicans.

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  1. Nice..

  2. Yeah!I'm a sucker for such steals from roadside shops too!Bargaining is my middle name!

  3. thanks for the blog visit. i love bargain shopping, but if i find something i really like, i just end up buying it regardless if its on sale or not! :)

  4. Wow dat shirt for Rs.150 is indeed a steal..Cute blog.m following u now :)

  5. Hey if you like it then you like it. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back! See ya soon! :)

  6. totally unrelated to the post above.. i looked through all your blog posts here and loved the clothes.. and i like the fact that fashion is affordable.. nice work!

  7. @Niranjan,
    Thanks buddy

    Kewl... Ha ha... :)

    That's true too. As long as the price is not irrelevantly too high, I too do end up buying things that I really really like...

    @Miss S,
    First, Welcome to my blog.
    Thanks for following me too.. :)
    And yeah, the shirt is indeed a steal... :)

    Thanks for dropping by dear.
    Do drop by often... :)

    Thank you so much for your blog visit.
    Glad you liked my closet of clothes... :)
    Yeah indeed, Fashion is affordable.
    Its just that we have to go to the right places where Fashion is Fashionable and Affordable... :)
    Thank yo so much for your appreciation... :)


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