Its overflowing Lakme!!!

My vanity case is overflowing with Lakme!!! And why won't it, its after all my favorite brand of cosmetics. Whenever I am at a mall with friends a mini Lakme Haul would happen. And friends somhow pull me out of the Lakme counter. I must say its the best Indian brand for cosmetics and its the best to suit the Indian skin tones. Yup. Most of us here are Wheatish to Dark. But yeah, my haircare and skincare stuff are all of assorted brands, but cosmetics yeah,much of it is Lakme!!!
Most of my prev posts on Make up, and most of those would have been Lakme. Ok, lemme sort out what all I have.
This are a couple of creams from Lakme. The only exception in skincare that's of Lakme. One is Lakme Strawberry Night Cream and another is Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream. As the name suggests, I essentially wear it for day and another for night. The day cream is good and gives an instant glow to the skin and the night cream has this lovely smell of strawberry and I am a sucker for it, and it has a nice smooth texture that makes it blend and moisturize the skin well without making it oily. 
The compact powder is Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Compact in Rose Fair. This one particularly doesn't have a staying power. I just use this one for rough use when I'll be out for just a couple of hours or max for half day, can't trust this one for day long staying.
So, this one is the one I use for long wear. This is Lakme 9 to 5 Creme Compact in Marble. I can trust this one for day long wear. Unlike other compacts, this is a creme compact that makes this stick on to the skin no matter how badly you sweat. And again thanks to the creamy consistency, it doubles up as a foundation for me. No, wait, it triples up as a concealer as well. A couple more layers just around my eyes and yeah, I don't need a concealer!!!
This one is Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Peach Affair. It has a nice powdery texture and when applied atop the Creme Compact, it has a good - very good staying power.
You would have already seen my Smokey Eyes Post. Those are the 2 Lakme Eye shadow Quardets that I own. To the left is Moondust and to the right is Peacock. I'm eyeing the Tanjore Rush one too, but yet to buy it. The texture is shimmery and powdery. The staying power on top on Creme Compact is good. One huge disadvantage here is the brush of these eyeshadows. They just cannot survive the life of the palettes themselves. I ended up purchasing brushes separately from a different brand, coz Lakme does not sell brushes separately. But yeah, I think they are coming up with it in the upcoming Lakme Absolute Range.
That's Lakme Aqua Shine in Wine and Coral. This is a combo of Lip Balm, Lip Color and Lip Gloss. Serves that purpose. But the staying power is not very good. But still, I love this product. I used to wear Coral for subdued look and Wine for a bold look. Now, sadly Coral has been discontinued and I am yet to find an alternative shade for it!!! :(
Then its Lakme 9 to 5 Defining Eye Liner in Jade and Black. I totally love these. Its easy to apply and its easy to store. Its essentially a twister like regular lipsticks and requires no sharpening. It has a slightly hard creamy consistency and that makes it stay so so so long. I literally have to rub my eyes hard to remove it. And it doubles up as a Kajal as well. Along with it is Lakme Perfect Definition Eye Pencil in Midnight Black. This has no much staying power. And I wear it along with Lakme Skin Lightening Compact, for rough use.
I am not much of a nailpolish person. So I hardly have any colors. And I wear it only for occasions. Or else, its just buffing up. But one color that I always like and re purchase is Lakme True Wear Nail color Shade 501 Mocha Fizz Brown. I recently got this Pink Shade 248. But I may not repurchase it as I find it a bit too girly pink for me. 
Along with it is Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color in 651 Barely There. It looks as a pale orange as it is. But this is the kind of lipstick that changes its color according to the pH of the skin, and I get a pretty pink with it. 
No. This is NOT a sponsored post. These are my own stuff that I've been using for quite some time now.

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  1. good one...lakme's eye pencils are great and their brushes r the worst. Their 9-5 range is best suited for the Indian skin n climate

  2. I have the night creme and perfect radiance compact too!! My Mom has the 9 to 5 compact and she loves it :-). I don't like their sunscreens though, makes my skin too oily.

  3. Yeah,Lakme is good.Our family is Lakme loyals for ages!I use the compact regularly and I'm very satisfied with it.

  4. i really love the shadow quads, they look like peacock feathers :)) beautiful!

  5. i have 9 2 5 compact adore it! i also have the cheek artist its fab for a long day . i kinda hate the texture of aquashine tho i have it in sangria. i like the perfect radiance cream too. we share so many likes . its great to find someone who loves lakme as much as i do in the blogger world( some people dont like the brand) . thanks for sharing your stash , you surely have given me ideas for my next shopping trip!

  6. WOW so many lovely products from Lakme! I am loving those eyeshadow quads xoxo

  7. wow grt too have peach affair..its a bit shimmery for me but i like it..the peacock eye quad is lovely..i love ur designs @ cant find my size lol..i visited ur blog few times and following u now..

  8. have so many products of lakme ....Lovely following you now. :)

  9. @Divi,
    Well said.So true...

    @Being Fab,
    Thats true. Even I dont use Lakme Sunscreen. I prefer Lotus on that. Lakme sunscreen actually doesn't screen the sun so well on me... :(

    Wow. A family of Lakme Loyals for generations!!! That's great. I guess the Lakme Guys should take you for endorsement... :)

    Isn't this your first visit to my blog.
    Welcome to my blog dear. Do drop in often. :)
    Me too love their peacock shadow and I would defnately re-purchase it... Isn't it so perfect...

  10. @Vijayta,
    Yeah. I too observed that many fashionistas in blogger world hate Lakme... :(
    I'm planning to get the Cheek Artist as soon as my blusher gets over.. Saw it in the Lakme counter and I loved it too...

    Thanks for dropping by dear.
    Do drop by often.
    I'd love your comments... :)

    Thank you so much for visiting dear.
    And thanks again for your appreciation.
    Do let me know what's your size. I'd love to make outfits for you... :)

    Thanks for visiting and following you dear...
    Do drop by often.
    I'd love your comments.. :)

    Not just Lakme Compact, 9 to 5 Lakme Creme Compact is great for my skin....


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