Maid of Honor Look - Mehendi

Whoa, That was a hectic week. My dearest friend just got married and I was running behind her fr the whole 2 to 3 days of wedding. So that's the reason for no new posts. 
Well, Mehendi as such, means the beautiful designs made on hands and feet of fine lines that later on, upon drying gives a beautiful red pattern which the natural dye obtained out of henna.
And in Indian tradition, applying Mehendi is one of the important pre-wedding ceremonies. The bride has complicated and elaborate designs applied on her hands from palms till her elbow or biceps, on either sides and also the upper side of feet till ankles or a bit above. The bridesmaids and others get it done on their palms and back of the palms, till wrists or a bit more and not on the feet.
So, here is mine!!!

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  1. Who did this for you??? I want the contact no. of that MEHNDHI WALA :)

  2. I LOVE wearing mehendi!!! The intricate designs look so beautiful on our's an art of it's own kind.... :)

  3. How beauuuuuuuuuuutiful!! I wanted to do mehendi so badly for my wedding but we didn't have enough time to hire someone (and it's not done much in SL so we couldn't find a mehendi artist either). :o(

    I'm planning on having it done for any anniversary celebrations we may have, though!

  4. @Sow,
    A Rajasthani guy from Purasaiwalkam... Will message you his no...

    @Polka Princess,
    Rightly said. Its indeed an art of its own kind.

    Oh... That's sad.
    Anyways am awaiting your anniversary outfit post and looking forward to see your Mehendhi as well... :)

  5. WOW ! That's really intricate ! Mehendi is such a beautiful art. But mehndi wali's are becoming scarce.

  6. @Ram Cheta,
    Thanks Cheta...
    I dunno. But I think they are increasing atleast in Chennai...

  7. There are none in Coimbatore though. Maybe we need to import from Chennai !

  8. @Ram Cheta,
    I just asked my cousin, she said there are a few of them in Kovai too!!!


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