Lotus Herbals Nailpolish via Urbantouch - A Review

I was looking for this perfect soft coral colored nailpolish. I am as such not a nailpolish person. So all I need are just a couple of neutral shades that would suit well for all outfits. One of such neutral shade is Lakme Truewear Nailcolor in 501 Mocha Fizz Brown. Its a perfect soft brown that suits my skintone well. I just need one more shade which is a soft peachish coral. While trying to find a perfect color, I stumbled across Ankita's blog Corallista, where she had reviewed about this Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail enamel in 99 Peach Perfect. I liked the color pretty much, and wanted to try it out. 
Of late, Google ads constantly has the ad of urbantouch.com in my blog. And I guess its one of the pioneers in quality cosmetics online sale in India, and of Indian brands. So I wanted to try that out as well. They had great range of mostly Indian Brands with Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery. Awesome, isn't it. And a perfect combo at this point of time. I ordered this Nail Polish with them. I should say I am extremely satisfied with urbantouch.com. 

The product arrived perfectly packed in a little carton box with the nail polish container carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. Even if it fell down or got thrown down in transit nothing could have happened to my product. It was that perfect. Thank you Urbantouch.com!!!

Now, to the product, yeah I did love the color. It was as the name suggests, a perfect peach. The container is cute and long with a pretty long lid, that helps in much easier application of the color. The consistency is good and it dries fast, which I like, though some may prefer a slow drying color. Then again, what I am searching for is a slightly pinker version of this. Lets see, hopefully I get it soon.
Loved urbantouch... Loved Lotus... Now comes the bad part of this post. Hated the courier service they sent it through. I ordered the product on urbantouch on 19th and they shipped it the very next day and it came to my city's branch of courier office on 21st itself. After that I had no clue of what happened to my product. It never reached me. The status of this parcel didn't get updated online also after that. My calls to the courier guys of my city's branch and Mumbai headoffice, were always engaged or never picked. And I too couldn't find time to go to the courier office which was 25km from my place. Finally I went there on 26th and got my parcel. This seriously freaked me out!!! Urbantouch is great, hopefully their courier service also does a decent work.... 

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  1. Thanks fr the mention :) The color is really pretty but its too bad you had an unpleasant experience with the delivery of the product.

  2. love the color! it looks reeeally nice on u! wish i cud get lotus in kuwait :(

  3. Beautiful color! It suits your skintone very well. I've got to look for a shade like this. I just painted my toenails ... in a very light, almost sheer pink. Now that I'm no longer expecting I can get back to getting pedicures again! :o)

  4. @Corallista,
    You're welcome dear... :) Oh yeah, I did blast at the courier guys... :(

    Check out their site. Lotus herbals... I think they ship internationally....

    Oh wow.... Enjoy your pedicures... And yeah, I too love soft & sheer pinks & corals... :)

  5. nice shade...................

  6. Nice shade of coral color. Thats really sad that you had a bad experience with urbantouch.com. Some places its weird.


  7. @Crazypoplock,
    Thanks darling. Urbantouch was good, the courier service they had hired was pathetic!!! :(


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