My DIY 'Birdie' Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelets have always caught my attention. I've always loved their..... what could I say..... errrr.... 'charm'....????? But somehow everytime I find myself staring at a charm bracelet of a good quality, by default it would be priced so fancy... I actually don't mind investing in gold jewellery also, and I don't mind going in for brands also, but the point is, it costed much much more and almost irrelevant to the prevailing gold rates of that day... 
Recently on my visit to Globus Store in Chennai, as I whizzed past the accessory counter, I saw these cute enameled fun pieces... I bent down to take it out and these cute things turned out to be a keychain. They came in a huge variety, and costed less than a hundred  bucks. These had 4 of these cutie-pies in each keychain. In the rest of the pieces, all the 4 charms were the same design in different colors. This piece alone had cute birdies with snowman charms and were 4 different designs altogether, with colors bursting out. I couldn't ask for more. 
I bought it and attached to my silver bracelet and Whoa my dearest Charm Bracelet was ready!!! You've done any DIY accessory??? Do let me know...

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  1. Cute cute cute!! I've got to get a charm bracelet! I don't like the ones they have in stores here in California though. The Indian ones seem much prettier. :o)

  2. @Miss S,
    Danke.... :)

    Thanks love... Yeah, even I drool over the Gold Gili charm bracelets!!!


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