Featured in Creating Success around the World

There has been a bloghop happening for sometime now called 'Creating Success around the World'. This is a worldwide bloghop that introduces creative people all around the world. This is hosted by 5 different people, one each to introduce designers and craftspeople from Australasia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Asia part was earlier hosted by Janelle from Of Pinks & Fairy Tales. Now, recently, the Asia hosting has been taken up by Divya from Jewels of Sayuri.

I had bought a creation of hers and she had shared an award with me. Now, she has been so really sweet to introduce me in her 'Creating Success around the World' bloghop. Here is my feature in her blog.

Thanks Divi, it was so so nice of you to share about me in your blog!!! You made my day!!! :)

What's more??!!! Divi is also organizing a Blogger Kootam. Its a meet of Bloggers in and around Chennai who are into blogging about fashion, style, makeup, beauty, cookery, interiors, crafts, arts etc, essentially bloggers of creative and art stuff. The first meet is scheduled on Nov 26, 2011. The best part: registrations are still open!!! Do participate if you are a Chennai-ite and into creative bloggin...

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  1. Congratulations. And you looked beautiful!

  2. Congratulations!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Bhusha, thanks for the link back and the intro about blogger kootam :)

  4. @OG,
    Long Time No C!!! Where have you been???
    Thankyou dear... :)

    Thanks love.. :)

    My Pleasure... :)

    Thanks di chellam... :)


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