Semi Formal Look - Hand Painted Customized Tee

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Tee: Bought at some local store and painted & embroidered on own
Jean: Jealous 21
Footwear: Khal's
Written here (or rather embroidered here!) is 'Agni Kunjondu Kandean' which is the first line of a song written by the major poet of the Indian Independence, Subrahmaniya Bharathi. The song goes like this
'Agni kunjondru kandaen
Adhai angoru kaatile bondhidai vaithen
Vendhu thanindhadhu kaadu
Thazhal veerathil kunjendrum moopendrum undo?', which means
'I saw a small spark of fire
Which I kept in a hollow of a tree in a forest.
The forest was engulfed in fire.
Is there small or big in a fire spark?'
Its essentially to emphasize that no matter how small a freedom spark in the heart is, it'll eventually make India free!!! 
To depict it painted here is a tree with a hollow with a small ball of fire in there and the sun shining bright atop.
I did this in my first year of college on an assignment of T-Shirt design. And yeah, this did get a lot of appreciation and it is indeed a personal fav!!!

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  1. Err....can i ask a non-techincal question? (if you promise not to LOL)...why are the wordings printed way down there, on the t-shirt? like right on the tummy area? you,personally, have nothing to worry about- you have flat abs, i guess- but think about ordinary folk, with protruding bellies wearing words which draw attention straight to an area which they are usually trying their hardest to hide...just a thought Bhusha.

  2. @Judah.
    Thanks da macha... :)

    Thanks darling... :)

    @Ram Cheta,
    Thank you so much.. :)

    Rotfl!!!! Ok... Very good question... Well, that Tee was meant to be worn by the mannequin on the day of submission and then by me, so practically I didn't have 'that' issue... If I design for someone with a paunch, then yeah I wouldn't want to catch attention to the tummy!!!!

  3. Wow girl you are so creative!! Love the artwork on tee! it's looks amazing xoxo


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