Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Cream & Serum Duo - A Review

Recently I got a chance to try out Olay Total Effects 7 in one Cream + Serum Duo. The company claims that this is an effective formula that fights the 7 signs of ageing. And what would they be? - Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Uneven Skintone, Age Spots, Uneven Texture, Dryness, Dullness, Pores. Its a cream and serum duo. Its has SPF 15. 

Here's the complete ingredients list and the way to apply it. 

I've been using it for 10 days now, twice a day everyday and here's my take on it. The big question - Did it actually fight the 7 signs of ageing??? Well, I dunno... But here's what I felt. 
Fine Lines and Wrinkles - I don't have a major wrinkle trouble. I do have some fine lines, around my eyes. Now after 10 days of usage, those fine lines feel a bit filled and they've become very fine.
Uneven Tone - Overall skintone - Yes, its better. As a fairness cream, its ok, though not great. My main uneven tone trouble is again only around my eyes. See the below pic? See the 3 dots of the cream around my eyes? Since my trouble area is around eyes I apply it so. In this case, no much difference. But I guess, no cream, nothing can help me with the darker skintone around my eyes, coz my sleeping hours are pretty much less and my sleeping pattern is haphazard. 
Age Spots - I don't think I have any. But I do have some acne scars (Yeah! Now I realize my teenage mistake of picking acne) and heat boil scars (thanks to the very very hot climate here). Has this helped in clearing them? I can't see visible difference now. But I guess upon regular use over longer period of time, this might help.
Uneven Texture & Pores - This works wonders!!! I loved the texture of my skin after using this. My skin feels soft and supple upon regular usage. It evens out the skin and closes all pores. It leaves a dewy glow on the skin and skin feels so smooth!!!
Dryness - My combination skin doesn't have a major dryness problem. As I said in the previous point, this leaves my skin soft and supple.
Dullness -  Works wonders! As I said already, it leaves a dewy glow.
The cream has a white creamy consistency. It blends very well. See the quantity I have in my hand? Its only with that much I've placed all these dots on my face and neck. As soon as I applied, my skin sweated! But that may be because of my very very humid climate here. But once, my skin absorbed the cream, the sweating stops and it feels great! Its not greasy as well.
The packaging looks cute and perfect. Its a plastic container with a pump dispenser. Its absolutely travel friendly and can fit very well into tiny handbags too! A very slight press of the dispenser gives out the quantity of cream in the above pic. Its a pack of 20g. See the 1st pic? I really don't understand the concept behind having almost half empty tube. To give an illusion of quantity? I would have preferred the size of the container itself to be half, so it occupies less space in my handbag!!!
When I saw the content in the container, it had these swirls of yellow color. With a child like enthusiasm, I expected both colors to be pumped out at the same time like the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. But it was a plain off white colored cream when pumped out! The little kid in me got a wee bit disappointed. But anyways, that's ok! Lolz!!!
Being a traveller, who is exposed a lot to sun, I would have preferred a SPF of atleast 30. But for regular medium sun exposure, this is enough. 
Best part - it did not break out. I have a sensitive skin that is prone to break out and this didn't!!!
P.S: I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at BlogAdda.com

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  1. Glad this product worked pretty well for you. I struggle with overall tone, and it looks like something to try. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. I used this last year..and there was no difference on the pores or dark spots. but it did help with my mom uneven skin tone. On the whole I thin that its just a glorified moisturiser

  3. great review <3

  4. I keep hearing about this. I'll have to try it!

  5. love this post :)
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  6. I have been using this cream, but its ok ok for my skin. Hope it works wonders for u .
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. U are such a darling !

  7. Really great review! You answered all my questions! I have one tiny sunspot in the corner of my eye that I'm always trying to hide... I wonder if this would help.

  8. I love Olay products - this sounds great! :)

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! :)

  10. I haven´t tried products of this brand yet but good to hear it suited your skin :)

  11. Me encanta Olay!!

  12. im so glad u reviewd it.. was looking for 1 for sooo long...

    keep in touch.. :)

  13. Hey, awesome post...love it!
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  14. I m using olay day and night cream :) this sounds good and nicee review :)

    Following you :)


  15. Thanks for your comments girls! :)


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