Formal Look - Parisian Chic with LBD & Floppy Hat

Happy New Years 2016

This New Years is new to me, first of all, coz I'm in this new country, United Kingdom. Like every New Years when I put up a special post, this time, I'm ditching my multitudes of colors for a day for a super elegant look with just black. No, its not a resolution. You'll continue to see my multi-colors. Just today, its back to basics!!! 
This time with a Parisian chic, rocking a floppy hat!!! Also this time, its all about time, coz the location here is Greenwich! Coming back soon with the post on Greenwich in My Travelogue. I know, the above pic looks almost too perfect and photoshopped, but no, it isn't. It had just drizzled and the street and trees were wet and being a weekday, the place wasn't very crowded and I could get my perfect shot. 
In my background in the above pic is the Royal Observatory. As much as I love my chunky & quirky jewelry, I also love my elegant pieces. There are times when I prefer to wear chic outfits with elegant, simple, delicate jewelry.  
When it comes to delicate jewelry, I do have a penchant to choose pieces that are a mix of Gold & Silver or Gold & Copper and so. You may remember my good old Titan Raga watch that has its strap with alternating units of Yellow Gold & Silver colors.
Dress: Bhushavali
Felt Floppy Hat: Aliexpress
Knee High Boots: Online Avenue
N*de Tights: Primark
Jewelry: c/o Buckley London
On my lips: MAC Riri Woo 
On my eyes: Mineral Hygienics

Recently I came across this gorgeous set of jewelry by Buckley London called Russian Sparkle Trio Set with has Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Silver plating on its Sterling Silver jewelry set. A bit of sparkle with the stones on the Silver part is the topping on the cake! The quality is just impeccable with strong closures. 
The packaging is super adorable. The jewelry are fixed in its suitable internal packs. The outer region of the box has the brand name and on one side is super cure satin ribbon that is shaped like a handle and these little jewelry boxes look like little suitcases!!! Its that moment, when you look at sometime and say 'awwww...'. And the best part, the jewelry come with a 2 years warranty, that's international!!!

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  1. love this outfit.. i hope i could have the chance to pull this off one day... if the weather permits :)

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  2. I am a huge fan of accessories, because they can style up any outfit in a matter of seconds. I love your bracelet! It's beautiful.

  3. nice dress and hat! the boots look comfy too, but it looks a little loose too?

  4. Wow really love this parisian chic, I like the hat and knee high boots.

  5. I love the whole attire. Classy and Elegant. That's really really nice.

  6. These are all o pretty! & they suit you a lot :) x

  7. thats a gorgeous dress,love the necklace :)
    keep in touch

  8. looking chic my dear! i bought myself some knee high boots and i can't wait to wear them

  9. You look really elegant with the black dress, hat and boots. It's also nice that you've added some blings to your outfit.

  10. You look so, so lovely! I'm a fan of floppy hats, don't think they look as chic on me as they do on you!



  11. I love the look here, that hat looks awesome x

  12. It's unique (at least from Singapore's angle of fashion) to be pairing the hat with boots and dress. But it fits you well! Love how you pair them with jewellery and accessories

  13. The jewellery is beautiful I am a big fan of rose gold and love the western style boots with the floppy hat!

  14. I am in love with your outfit. The hat is so stylish.


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