MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Studio Finish Concealer - A Review

I recently got some M.A.C cosmetics from House of Fraser. Here's a little review and FOTD of the same! Btw, there is no M.A.C  Counter at all House of Fraser outlets, but if you know your shade, its available online with some good offers!
The first one is the MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer. It comes in a little pot with transparent top. It has a creamy consistency which I think is best applied with fingers than a brush. I prefer a twister stick packaging more because of its more hygienic and less messy. In this case, I prefer to pick up and apply the product with a brush, but blend it with fingers. I do this because, with the warmth of fingers, the products melts and blends very very well. 
I prefer my concealer to be a shade lighter than my foundation color. So I opted for a NC35. It works well both on undereyes as well as spots. And its consistency is so so so creamy and perfect that it blends really really well. Again when its too creamy going a bit heavy, will make it look cake-y! It has a SPF 35, but I don't think it makes sense. I mean, a concealer is not applied all over the face, but sun protection is needed all over the face. 
The second product is the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation. My shade in Chennai was NC42. Coming here to London, when the sun hardly comes out, I've become NC41. Its a thick liquid. The coverage is beyond thinkable! Its just splendid. A teeny weeny bit is enough to give a complete coverage. And on photos the face looks flawless and almost porcelain! This is not the foundation if you want light coverage! This is a really heavy coverage foundation!! Here the 1st pic is my bare face with just my moisturizer. Yup, that is my face with no makeup at all!!! 2nd pic is with just the concealer around the eyes, and covering those spots and the 3rd pic with concealer and foundation.
However there are 2 negative points. One, its smell, just reminds me of hospital! Its a very medical smell that you get when you open to bottle. However after applying it doesn't smell. Perhaps all of its preservatives! Two, its dispenser. The pump dispenser meant for it is sold separately. So if you won't pay for it, you literally have tilt the bottle a bit to dispense a tiny bit on your hand! But I guess with the flawless look that it gives, these points can be looked upon!  
That said, how much do these differ my tried and tested and loving Revlon Photoready??? Honestly, not too much!!!
Moisturizer: My own concoction! Will share a post on that soon.
Concealer: M.A.C Studio Finish SPF 35 in NC35 c/o House of Fraser
Foundation: M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC41 c/o House of Fraser
Lipstick: Lakme Aquashine in Wine
Blush: Lakme Rouge in Peach Affair
Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette
Eyeliner: Mineral Hygienics in Raven (reviewed here)
Eyebrows: Billion Dollar Brows (reviewed here)
Necklace: c/o Nadia Minkoff
Outfit Post on this coming up soon!
Btw, when it comes to the effectiveness of a product to make the skin look flawless, how else can it be tested than over a tattoo! That's my tattoo as it is and with the concealer & foundation over it! It has become very very light though not completely vanished, but hey, come on that's a black tattoo. Final word - love the products! 

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 

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  1. I haven't tried MAC yet. Just like you I have always been a regular Revlon user. But from the pictures that you posted looks like MAC is worth giving a try.

  2. With this screenshot I can see and imagine how wondeful and great MAC would be. I will surely use and see its enjoyment

  3. I love my M.A.C products. I usually go to the MAC store or to the counter at the mall. I currently use their Studio Fix which is one of their big sellers.

  4. I have heard good review about MAC products. The tranformation looks good. Shall try once

  5. I haven't tried MAC products because they are ridiculously expensive here and there's only one store in the Capital for now. They do look pretty effective though. And nice trick with the tattoo!

  6. Hey, I have that exact MAC Liquid Foundation, but I never use it. I have sensitive skin, so I only use chemical-free anything on my skin. It was a gift, and the person who gave it to me only has nice things to say about it. It is the liquid foundation she uses herself.

  7. MAC is a known brand so it should be good if one is not allergic to it. My wife does not put on a lot of makeup so I do not exactly know what you were describing, but the final effect looked good.

  8. The coverage is amazing! I love how the shade suits you well.

  9. I don't use make up at all but I enjoy reading about these fascinating products from reviews such as yours. This looks like a really interesting product to anyone's make up stash.

  10. It came out ok when you applied it. The smell is a big factor though as it's your face and you wouldn't want it to smell like hospital.

  11. This is a topic that I have no knowledge about, my make-up often includes a liner and a lipstick only and that's it. It's good to read things like this though, it helps me learn more about make-up.

  12. I'm not really a fan of make up since it may cause skin irritation. However, if there's a special occasion I might try one of these products.

  13. ive got the concealer and i i do love. its my to go pick me up product

  14. Haha yes, it seems not to make sense for a concealer to even have sunscreen. But perhaps it's because it's usually applied under the eyes which, according to a skin doctor, is the most sensitive skin in our body and needs more protection?

  15. I haven't tried MAC products yet. After reading your review, I think I might want to try them out. BTW, the tattoo idea to demonstrate the product is cool.

  16. I do get blotchy when I use several products for make up and one day, I realised that it was due to my moisturizer/ and sunscreen lotion... If you think the products aren't performing to their optimal, perhaps try changing moisturizer too>

  17. If you go over your tattoo with an orange corrector first, the MAC studio fix concealer will be able to cover up the ink completely :)

  18. No doubt, MAC products have outshine the test of time. Really worth its value.


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