Travel Style - Denim Jacket & Jeggings

Imp Note: This trip was prior to my pregnancy. I'm just breaking the maternity fashion series for this post, to coincide with My Travelogue on the same location!!!

One of the 2 things happen usually when travelling & trying to take OOTD pictures. One, I go alone and take pathetic selfies or few basic posed photos clicked by random strangers at certain locations. Two, I am accompanied by someone who bothers to take good pictures of me for the OOTD post. Very rarely it so happens that I get to meet some lovely people on the road who would take crazy & awesome pictures just as someone who accompanies me would take!

That very thing happened when I went on a solo trip to Canterbury. Half day thru, I met this fabulous woman Adaeze and the rest of the day we hung around together clicking pics of each other and roaming about the whole town. All the pics here were clicked by her and I got to come up with this OOTD post!!! Isn't her photography, just perfect?!
Tee: Inkfruit
Denim Jacket: Oxolloxo
Jeggings: Primark
HandBag: Bonprix
Sneakers: George by Asda
I esp love this picture where at the end of the day after roaming all over Canterbury we got pretty tired and on spotting this land filled with fallen autumn leaves (autumn had just begun then) I had to just fall on it and lay down!!!
I think this is the best aspect of solo travel. I get to meet such wonderful people!!! Read more about Canterbury on My Travelogue Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
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  1. Ha Ha enjoyed this, I only have very awkward selfies, I think taking a good selfie is an art.Your friend for the day, really took some brilliant photos, not that there is anything wrong with the ones you took.enjoyed reading about your Canterbury trip.

  2. wow, love the pics and style of this post. glad you had fun, I am still wary about traveling solo.

  3. Oh those are very comfortable get up. I would certainly wear something like this when my family and I go out.

  4. Denim can make almost any clothing item versatile. I remember my first denim jacket. I liked it so much, I wore it as often as I could.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  5. All your poses are taken in a good angle. That transient person whom you met is not only a new-found friend but a good photographer as well

  6. Denim can be worn in all kinds of clothes. Nice poses and you have a great shot though.

  7. I really love the print on the dress. I have been on the lookout for watercolour print tops for many years now but I am yet to find one


  8. Solo travel forces the traveler to get out there and meet others more, for sure. Sounds like you've had a great adventure!

  9. Oh, it must have been such a wonderful feeling to rest on a place full with autumn leaves :)


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