Styling with Atyu - Lace top, Jeans & Baby carrier!

While my Atyudarini is most comfortable in a ringsling, with the most comfortable foetal position and my body warmth, at times, esp when I'm on a relatively longer period of time outside, it does get a bit difficult to carry her in one shoulder. 
Browsing through Facebook Marketplace, (which is of late a new shopping destination for me, lolz), I found someone selling their preloved Babybjorn Original Carrier with its Winter Cape. But then I also read about this whole thing on hip dyspepsia, M position and knees being supported and got worried though there is no conclusive evidence that it might cause any trouble at all... Then I saw a DIY that suggested wrapping a scarf from beneath the baby's knees to our shoulder/back to make it ergonomically correct. So now, both problems solved - her weight is distributed among both my shoulders and her hips are protected as well. But yeah, I wouldn't carry her for long in this too, as she prefers ringsling any day! This is for my comfort, when my shoulder starts hurting.

Lace detail top & Grey Jeggings: Primark
Shoes: Bata
Skull 'glow-in-dark' Earrings: Claire's (received as gift)
Baby Carrier: BabyBjorn Original
Scarf: Thrifted from a flea market in New Delhi
Last month was Autumn in Belgium and I always love autumn for its color and fallen leaves which is always, always picturesque. We ventured out to a museum and this is what we wore! It was a coincidence that her pants and my shoe laces totally matched! I realized it only after I saw the photos!!! 

Have you used a narrow width carrier? Have you used a baby carrier at all? Let me know your experiences...

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  1. Its great to see mommy and baby hanging out at the museum :)

  2. This looks comfortable and easy to carry around. ...and lovely photos!

  3. You're definately one stylish mummy! Love the baby carry you are having! Nice!

  4. Wow you baby is finally arrived, congratulations! You still the stylish Momma I known online :)

  5. I don't have a child yet so I can't really relate with the carrier problem, good thing you found the scarf solution online! Love the whole look btw. <3

  6. I love your adorable and cute top! I would totally wear that! I used a baby carrier when mine were little and loved it. Shell

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  8. The baby carrier looks sturdy. Whenever my older sister would go here in the Philippines, I don`t see her with a baby carrier. Even with pictures of my niece and nephew as a baby, I only saw them in a stroller and not a baby carrier.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  9. You are pretty mom as always. and that baby carrier looks comfortable to your baby.

  10. See your photos reminded me of the time when my daughter was young. Then we did not have carriers. She is 25 now! Enjoy this time. it is awesome.

  11. I started out with a baby carrier similar to yours, which was great for moving about and doing my errands or even managing to fold laundry while they're sleeping on me! Eventually by baby #3, I moved onto a sling type wrap that was SO awesome to use; baby slept in it all the time when we were in public :)


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