Styling with Atyu - Shirtdress & Ikat Multicolor Ringsling

This was what I wore to one of my visit to the hospital a couple weeks after Atyudarini was born. Yeah, I'm wearing the same shirtdress that I'm wearing here. This time I opted to wear it with skin colored leggings and beige chelsea boots. I'm wearing the same earrings as well. And yeah, as I said earlier, I bought these clothing to help me go through pregnancy as well as to help with nursing, post delivery. Serves the purpose pretty well!!!
I made a couple of ring-slings when I was pregnant and this one was with handloom ikat fabric. Its a non-padded, pleated style. I loved the multicolors in it and I made it with the 2 rings in the 2 different colors present in the fabric! How's it? 

Shirt Dress: Thrifted from a flea market in Tournai 
Stockings & Chelsea boots: Primark 
Earrings: Naidu Hall, Chennai
She prefers being snuggled up inside the sling. As of now, she's ok with her legs tucked into the sling. Guess after a couple months, she may be ok with them hanging outside! Let's see... New mommy experiments will go on........

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  1. OMG you look tired but happy and as thin as a stick - thinner than you were before you were pregnant. The sling seems to be a great idea. I can't imagine how some parents always carry the baby in their hands. won't they get tired?

  2. Mummy could be stylish as well.. This is very nice sling.. to carry baby at the same time to look stylish! great!

  3. Awwwwww.... I LOVE, love, love, how you have gone from styling baby WITH baby now! You two are the sweetest. And definitely stylish :)

  4. Congrats on your newborn baby. The sling can really come in handy for babies.

  5. Congratulations on your new baby! The way you styled your outfit with the sling is great as you can carry the baby quite comfortably. I hope all is well with you.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  6. You are so gorgeous mom. Love the color of your ringsling it's truly fits to your baby. Congratulations to your new bundle of joy.

  7. Congrats.. adorable Atyu and well hopefully she takes to fashion as you have 😊


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