Styling with Atyu - All Neutral with Neon Pop!

When its Christmas around 2 months of your life and you live close to a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is set-up in all its glory, with light & sound show, what do you do? You go! 

The UNESCO site I'm talking about is Grand Place in Brussels. Since the past couple years, around Christmas #BrusselsLights has been a huge thing here and growing in multitude year by year. The Gothic architecture, lit up multitudes of color with a huuuuge Christmas tree and Nativity scene set up, this is the best Christmas I've ever experienced. My Atyudarini will be 2 months old by Christmas and obviously this would be her first!!! 

Very close to Grand Place is this very famous statue of Brussels - Manneken Pis! If you're here in Europe, do visit Brussels before Jan 7th to witness the most magical Christmas & New Years ever!!! 
While taking Atyu here I wore a dull beige colored jacket! She too wore a dull beige onesie. When its festive why would we wear a dull color? Coz we have a super stunning, neon colored accessory to show off - our Soul Anoona Full Buckle Baby Carrier!!! More about this coming up soon in another post. Stay tuned!!! But before that, check them out right now, coz they have a 25% off till Dec 25th!

Beige Jacket: Primark
Brown Leggings: Chennai Silks
Brown knee high boots: From a Local Store in Brussels
Bamboo Earrings: Handmade by craftsperson in Auroville
Wooden Bangle: Handmade by craftspersons of Uttar Pradesh
Brown Handloom Day Bag: c/o Soulslings
SSC Baby Carrier: c/o Soulslings
On Atyudarini: Bear onesie from H&M
Winter in Brussels has been awesome at times & awful at times this year! It snowed here for the first time in 3 years which is awesome but freezing cold wind blowing on the face is awful! Will Atyu's first Christmas be a White Christmas? I really do hope so, let's see! 

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  1. Ya, the neon color looks very nice on dull beige color.

  2. What fun it is to have a new baby at Christmas! We have a newborn int the family this year and I can't wait to hold her. Merry Christmas!

  3. You look fantastic. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
    (Miss Brussels :)

  4. Love the fun colors of the carrier and I love how you styled it!

    Belle |

  5. The colour contrast looks absolutely stunning. The chrustmas backdrop adds an extra something to the Mother and daughter theme. Congrats and Merry Christmas!!

  6. Looks like such a magical place. I love your earrings!

  7. What a beautiful place around the holidays! Your boots are gorgeous!

  8. Oh! It looks like a great place to visit this Holiday. and I really like the color of your sweater looks good to you. and your booties are so fashionable.

  9. the color is breathtaking, and i really hope ya'll had a nice White Christmas!!

  10. So stylish to travel like that with your little one.. Love your fashionable style..

  11. Loved the pictures! Took me back to when I travelled to Brussels for a couple of days many years ago.

  12. I love these photos! You make baby wearing look amazing, especially with your sense of style

  13. You guys look great! Love that you make babywearing part of your outfit!

  14. Happy New Year! Such beautiful photos and such a beautiful place!

  15. So beautiful! I love your baby carrier


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