Bamboo Baby Cloth Diapers - A Review

Let's wrap 2017 with a special post. This year is way too special for me, as this year I have created a little human being!!! So this post is dedicated to the fashion sense of that little human being - Atyudarini! Over to her diapers!!!!!
Well, since her birth, we've been using flat diapers during the day and disposable ones during the night & while going out. Honestly I didn't know a thing about cloth diapers, apart from flat diapers which my mom used for me and I've seen the same being used on my cousins. Those are being called Langot Diapers, today! But then, cloth diapers has become so vast with so many varieties and features and they've gotten so stylish!!! All this was a god-damn shocker to me!!!
To begin this journey, the lovely lady Caroline of Bamboobaby (who is also a new mom herself), sent me 3 types of diapers - AIO, SIO and Diaper Cover! Guess what, these diapers have heck a lot of fabric options too and as the name goes, Bamboobaby specializes in Bamboo fiber. Confused about what type to use? She also rents out these cuties... Not just that she also sells breastfeeding pads & menstrual pads as well! 
The first is the Diaper Cover by Poops. This has been my lucky charm! My gal actually poops in it! Lolz! This is the one size diapercover that has 2 slots on either sides to put in the inserts. The insert is shaped wide at the edges and narrow at the centre, that goes with the body shape. The top layer in this case is a polyester fabric that lets through the moisture in. It has 3 more layers of microfiber an its awesome!!! It feels dry against her skin and yeah, I could just change the insert over time and reuse the cover till it get wet or soiled! Its side gussets are awesome with absolutely no leaks!
The 2nd is the SIO or Snap in one diaper by Mommy Mouse. Its similar to a diaper cover but has snaps to hold the inserts in place. This comes with 2 bamboo terry inserts - one long and one short. Both can be used individually or together for an overnight usage. The absorption is awesome for overnight usage but without a microfleece liner the wetness is felt by my gal and she isn't ok with it!
The third is the AIO or All in One Diaper by Anavy! AIO is very similar to a disposable diaper just made of cloth and is washable & reusable! It has a waterproof outer layer and moisture-wicking microfleece inner layer. Sometimes there are a few layers of microfiber between them to help in absorption. This one didn't have. But this came with 2 inserts made of Bamboo fiber which could be snapped in. The absorption of the bamboo insets was fantastic. However like Mommy Mouse, this too I can use only with a fleece liner!
P.S: The products were gifted by the store for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. The diaper covers are so cute! Congratulations on becoming a mama, it's the toughest yet best job you'll ever have.

  2. These diapers are beautiful, my idea of cloth diapers were the plain white ones that tested your patience during washing. This is better.

  3. While I must admit that I know absolutely nothing about diapers, this one looks good, and bamboo fiber sounds like an environmentally responsible option

  4. I love cloth diapers!!! I've CD'd both my girls and can't get over how wonderful they have been! I'll have to find this brand and check them out!! Thanks! :)

  5. These are the cutest diapers! Such pretty designs and love that they're bamboo!

  6. Cloth diapers are really nice to use on babies... Nice designs they got!

  7. Cloth diapers are still being used, but due to practical reason, disposable diaper is on demand. If i would have a baby, definitely i'll go for disposable diapers.

  8. Cute diapers. Congratulations on this beautiful addition to your family. Rare name too!

  9. Those diaper cloths designs are so cute. Perfect gift to my friend's first baby. Gonna check this out.


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