Atyudarini, Pallava Grantha & Traditional Tamil Jewels!

Happy New Years everyone!!! Wishing you all a fabulous 2018!

Like every year, this year too I'm beginning 2018 with a unique post! This post is all about Atyudarini!!! You can find the meaning of Atyudarini here. 
A good friend of mine, a blogger and an heritage enthusiast, inscription researcher all-in-one, Rangarathnam Gopu, gave a talk recently about the inscriptions of Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple. I didn't know about it earlier, but to my very very pleasant surprise, Gopu mentioned Atyu's name in the talk! Thank you Gopu, you not only made my day, you made my year! Ofcourse he also mentioned about my brand, Bhushavali Eco Fashion in the talk as well. Here's the 3 min snippet where he mentions it. The complete talk is 1 hr long and its link is in the description of this clip to know more about the temple, history & inscriptions.
Well, as mentioned in this video, Rajasimha Pallava's title Atyudarah is mentioned in the inscriptions in the Pallava Grantha script and Calligraphic Pallava Grantha script. Derived from this name, I had to write my Atyu's name on her outfit. This is a plain white H&M onesie and written in front is Atyudarini in Calligraphic grantha and on the back is the same in regular pallava grantha!
The black thread on her waist is called 'Arainjaan Kayiru'. The various jewelry on it are various traditional charms that serve various purposes like warding off evil eye etc. Its actually tied on the barebody and not atop the clothing. The clothing is worn on top of it. The traditional langot cloth diaper is sometimes tied onto this. The one at the centre is called Aal ilai (Banyan Leaf) or Arai Mudi. Its shape ideally covers the private parts of the baby. For boys, the same thing is in the shape of a bell!!! 

On her ankles are 'kaapu', something similar to what I wore on my Baby Shower. One is made of silver while the other is made of a mix of 3 metals. On the wrists are black bangles which is also a traditional way to ward off evil eye! And yeah, the black dot of the left side of the face (kept either on cheeks or chin) is called the 'Drishti pottu', again to ward of evil eye!

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  1. Very interesting. I enjoy learning about other customs. The charms are such a work of art, I couldn't stop scrolling to look at them.

  2. Such an interesting post! I had never heard of that. And your sweet baby is too cute!

  3. So much attention to detail. It is beautiful and so is your baby.

  4. Very attention-grabbing diary. lots of blogs I see recently do not extremely give something that attract others, however i am most positively fascinated by this one. simply thought that i'd post and allow you to apprehend.

  5. these are really interesting! I love learning about other cultures!

  6. This is such an interesting post, I didn't know anything about this. You learn something new every day ♥ Thank you

  7. It's so nice to see those Charms in your baby. There's so much to learn on your customs.

  8. Happy new year! the anklets are really pretty.

  9. I really adore others culture and traditions. Your babies anklets are so cute. and of course your baby too.

  10. People wearing traditional jewelry and cloths are always intesting. I like how it looks on a baby.

  11. It's so nice to see those Charms in your baby. There's so much in your customs.


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