Party in my Pants & Ecopipo Lubella Cloth Sanitary Pads - A Review

Cloth Pads - Across the Atlantic from Thinnest to Driest!!!

Recently I got to try 2 different brands of Cloth Pads from across the Atlantic Ocean! Ok, that's just a play of words. Well, one of the 2 brands is from USA and other from UK! Sooooo.... Well, over to the review. Beginning with the one from USA.
The first brand I tried is called Party in my Pants! How apt is that for a name of Cloth Pads! This is the thinnest pads I've ever come across. Believe me when I say, this is thinner than the ultra variety of disposables!!! I was absolutely stunned to see its thickness and was totally skeptical about it. I actually did not trust it and I slept on a towel on my bed to as a precaution for leaks. I was wearing the overnight pad and guess what, all my fears were proven wrong. It was actually good enough for all night! Yes, it did overflow a bit on the back, which I guess could be sorted if the bigger sizes (super overnight or queen) pad is used on heavy flow nights. It stayed dry easily for 8 hrs. The large pad is good enough for 5 hrs. 
The fabric against the skin is of 3 types - Plain Cotton, Cotton Flannel and Organic Cotton.  The presence of all 3 types could be felt when wearing them (meaning, I never forgot I was on periods!). However this wetness is completely negligible. The backing is where the unusual concept comes in. While most brands use PUL coating for fabric, PIMPS uses Nylon. The moment I saw this fabric I got reminded of the high quality raincoats that I've used ages ago. Its called the microporous fabric - a fabric that has its pores micro sized that its air permeable but not big enough for water droplet. Its very inventive & innovative of them to use this fabric as backing fabric and it delivers what it says - totally leak proofed. 
Here's the super good news. Party in my Pants has a long-standing giveaway! If you're totally new to cloth pads, you can order a sample from PIMPS, free of cost (you've only gotta pay shipping)! If you're reading this from the USA, its just local shipping, so go order now!
From USA, crossing the Altantic to UK. Remember my review on Ecopipo Cloth Diapers? Well, the brand also makes Cloth Pads under the name LuBella. The concept is almost similar to making of Cloth Diapers with a PUL coated back, microfleece front and bamboo terry soakers between. This is the driest ever cloth pad I've used. The moisture completely seeped in and left the surface totally dry. I never expected this level of dryness in a cloth pad! 
The only small issue is that after soaking for 2-3 days it still had stains on it. I usually soak my pads in plain cold water till the end of the cycle and most stains go away in that stage itself. In this case it didn't, I had to use the Ecover stick (stain remover) before I put it in the washing machine. But that's totally not needed also, if you aren't bothered about some stain. While most brands have the printed side as the skin-side, this is otherway round. But its impossible to mistake it, coz the touch & feel of PUL coating is very evident. 
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Very innovative and useful bhush....Good job👍

  2. I think these a really good idea, I like that they discreet by turning into little pouches! A really modern idea.

  3. Wow these products sound absolutely amazing!!! I had no idea these types of reusable pads existed but now I want to try these brands ! DAISY

  4. It's good to have reuseable pad.. more environmental friendly...

    Looks stylish too! lol


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