Blümchen Stoffwindeln (Diapers) - A Review

How much can you get creative with something as simple as a cloth diaper? You can get very creative with the designs? But what else? Textile technology can be put into use but that's not in the hands of a cloth diaper maker to create textiles. How much of modifications and improvisations can be done in that simple underwear????? Turns out - you can do a ton!!!!! The varieties of Blümchen Cloth Diapers just astonished me!!!

Lets begin with the AIO. How can you make the AIO all the more user friendly? AIO in general is a no-nonsense, easy to use diaper. Many, of late, make the insert attached only on one side to help in quicker drying. Many, have bamboo and stay dry variants. Can you combine it all? Blümchen did it.... There are 2 inserts inside with all inner layers as bamboo. Each are attached on either sides of the diaper. One of those have stay dry layer atop. If your baby has sensitive skin put this atop, and if your baby need stay dry put that atop. That's it. I dunno as it is how long it could be retained, but with 1 more bamboo soaker beneath, it became my 11+ hrs all-nighter!

Many do make AIOs as 2 pieces too these days. Blümchen too has it, but unlike others, here the insert is attached using a velcro piece. The cover has the other side of the velcro also just beneath in a small flap to close it. Once closed, its a pure diaper cover that could be used with other inserts or fitteds. These velcro are on either sides, so 2 different inserts could be attached on either sides or just 1, as per need. This insert too is 100% bamboo with no staydry layer. Ofcourse, they also have pocket diapers which come with one short and one long bamboo terry insert which can be used separately or together as per requirement. 

Talking about fitteds, I just tried fitteds for the first ever time! Its 100% bamboo terry which is awesome. This isn't a stay dry so I used it with their bamboo fleece liner. Believe me when I say it was good for more than 12 hours! I dunno how much more longer it would have stayed, but I took it off at 12 hours! Now, I've fallen in love with fitteds. I've been using pockets & AIO stuffed well for night diapering, but now on its gonna be fitteds!!!! The only trouble, these do not have a stay dry layer and even if I place a regular, rectangular liner, my wet-sensitive Atyu wakes up wet early morning! So I've bought a fleece blanket and cut out liner in the shape of the fitteds and now its ok! I hope, with all their stunning innovations, they include this too!
Btw, even if I'm finding it difficult to learn new languages, I'll definitely know how to say Cloth Diapers. Last post, I came to know its called Tygblojor in Swedish. Now in German its called Stoffwindeln (this is an Austrian brand though).
P.S: The products were gifted by the brands for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Wow! Amazing and creative. I`m impressed!

  2. These are such adorable shots! Such an informative post too

  3. This is so helpful for anyone who is curious about cloth diapering! I also love the patters they have!

  4. It is really nice to see cloth diapers becoming more popular and I really like how they can be all colourful and adorned with great patterns too. This post was really interesting and informative.

  5. These diapers are so very cute! I wish they had this many selections when mine were in them.

  6. This is very helpful and thorough! I love the feather print diaper.

  7. So cute! I love the choices in patterns

  8. If we were still using cloth diapers right now, I'd be racing to get my hands on one of those watermelons! So cute.


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