Superbottoms Cloth Diapers - A Review

You may have already seen my earlier posts (here and here) featuring cloth diapers by Superbottoms. I've been using it for the past 3 months and here's my review. There are 2 main types of cloth diapers of Superbottoms - AIO and Diaper Covers.
To begin with, the one factor that initially attracted me to Superbottoms was its prints! Esp., the Colors of India print! I saw it in social media and I knew Atyudarini had to be dressed up with it! Digging into the brand, I saw the impeccable design range that they had! Their designs are authentic Indian kitsch designs.
One of the product in their range is the AIO. It comes with 2 inserts of which one is attached and one can be snapped. Attached one also has top layer of staydry microfleece. Main insert has 5 layers and booster has 4 layers of organic cotton fabric each. With only the main insert, the diaper is good for 2-3 hrs and with insert & booster its good for upto 6 hrs and for me, that's the perfect day diapers. Though ideally the change time of a day diaper is 3-4 hrs, if Atyudarini falls asleep, I don't want to wake her up to change the diaper. Also when traveling, changing in 3-4 hrs may not be possible. So this is perfect for me.
Also Superbottoms has the trimmest crotch width. Indian kids are generally smaller when compared to western couterparts. My gal is in the 13th percentile. So a diaper with narrow crotch is definitely a thumbs up.
The AIO also has a pocket on the back. Here's what I do - swap booster with Superbottoms  Large Hemp Prefold. This is 2 layered heavy hemp fabric. I fold it twice to make it 8 layered and insert into the pocket or placed behind the main insert and this was magic! It lasts for 12+ hrs on my heavy wetting baby!!! To add to the advantage, the prefold dries pretty quickly! This is one of my goto options for night time diapering! Sounds awesome? Here's my 10% OFF Code if you want to try it out yourself - SUPERPANACHE10
Another diaper type Superbottoms has is the Diaper Cover. These are made of supersoft minky and perhaps the softer covers around. These comes with a microfiber/microsuede insert. Though I'm not a very big fan of MF inserts (more details on that coming up in the next post), these do work for about 2-3 hrs and are perfect for winters when you need them to dry quickly as well.
While at it, CDing moms are also looking for ecofriendly alternatives to other products as well. The superwipes kit which comes with a wetbag, 8 muslin wipes and a spray bottle. Its the perfect kit OTG. While I was already using cloth wipes on her earlier too, the advantage here was that it fit into the small bag, with a bottle for wiping solution made it travel friendly! Yup, this has gone with me inflight into the cabin baggage as well!
Another fantabulous product of Superbottoms is the Super bibs! I've never understood the commonly available bibs. We try a combo of baby-led and parent-led weaning. So, it gets really messy! A small triangular piece of cloth around neck just is not enough. The Super bib on the other hand is almost like a sleeveless top with a tie-up on the back! The coverage is pretty good and many of her outfits are actually saved. Sometimes when she wears sleeved clothes, those aren't protected though!
P.S: The products were sent by the brand for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the products.

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  1. Love that you're using cotton diapers in a world of disposables. I used cotton too and I wish I had these pretty diapers when I had my baby.

  2. Cute diapers and washable. Do you think how much have you already save using this diapers?


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