Travel Style - Jacquard Autumn Jacket

When I first saw this jacket, I loved it so much but wasn't willing to splurge on it.  But then, it was in my mind so much that I kept talking about this jacket to my man. He finally got so pissed and said, 'go, get the jacket and don't talk about it again'! So, yeah, now I own it!!!

The jacket is from Desigual and is just impeccably regal and royal. Its made of a jacquard fabric. It has floral, orient patterns in multi color and the most striking feature - the face, in greytones, in the lower half! Its just mesmerizing. Its from their Abrig Natalia collection. 
It fits at the waist with a multicolor tie-up belt. It has 4 buttons which are all different from each other and have a jewel feel to it. Its lined with a jewel tone fabric. Not thick enough for winters, but perfect from autumn & spring. Now..... imagine me talking all this to my man. Now you get why he got pissed off and told me to go get it and never to speak of it again, right???

Coat: Desigual
Knee high boots: Georges Marcel shoe store
Baby carrier: Cookiie Pie Co

Well, this is what I wore in Budapest day 1! The location is Hotel Danubius Astoria where we stayed and you can click to read my review of the place. More on what I wore in Budapest coming up soon. Stay tuned.



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