Styling with Atyu - LBD & Rainbow!

This is Day 3 at Budapest and I wore the same LBD that I wore at Mons. Its made of a gorgeous suede fabric and has a front zipper. If you're a breastfeeding mom, you'd know why I mention the front zipper! A breastfeeding mom would never buy an outfit that doesn't give proper bo*b access for the baby! Lolz...

Suede LBD: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Brussels
Boots: Georges Marcel shoe store
Baby Carrier: Didymos Meh Dai in Lisca White Rainbow
Bangles: From a Flea Market in Chennai

I actually wanted to wear this rainbow colored gorgeousness at Budapest, so I looked for the perfect outfit to go with it, in my wardrobe. The black dress was the perfect choice coz it made the rainbow colors just stand out so well. Last time, I chose the Cauliflower Finish when I wore this to the Belgian Tulip Festival.

This time to begin with I wore the Celtic Knot and as day went by, I changed the finish to one with a ring! The ring was technically my bangle! Show me your fancy finishes with your wraps or mehdai-s... I'd love to try them all...



  1. Baby wearing is my favourite thing and you have added a whole new angle of fashion to it! Amazing..


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